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Writing your content

Think of it this way. Do you have a site you stop at regularly? Most of us do. Now ask yourself, why do you go to that site? Does it have information that’s consistently being up-dated that is of interest to you? Do they have the best price on products you need? Do you find the blog’s interesting? Are there reviews on products your looking to purchase? Does it have hard to find or unique items?

This is how you have to approach adding content to your site. Keep in mind what sends you back to a site. You are now going to be the creator of a site, not the visitor. What information would you want on a site that has a niche that you have chosen?

Just like a “brick and mortar business, you want your visitors to stay awhile, walk around and shop. You have displays that are appealing, sales and a friendly environment. Also, you want repeat customers. You want them to spread the word to their friends. This is how you have to approach your own website. 

Attracting people to your site will be done in the same way. You will get visitors with the right Keywords and writing content. Your content has to be relevant, informative and interesting to your visitor. You should also be using social media to post your new pages on, maybe use paid advertising to promote your site. 

So what is it your going to offer that will keep them on your site, read through it and eventually make a purchase? What will you have that will keep them coming back?

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Keywords in your content


When your writing the first paragraph of your page, you want to use the keyword or phrase that you used in creating your page title. This is a big part of getting ratings in the SEO’s, (search engine optimization).

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You also want some keywords
that you can put into your page as you are writing. When someone types into google (or other search engine) a keyword or phrase, the search engine is scouring through all the sites to find that and then produces the results. It all happens in seconds.

The most successful online businesses do not put “making money” as their main focus when writing content. They concentrate on being helpful, to solving a problem. They write informative and interesting content.

Ideas for Writing reviews

Reviews are a big part of any online website today. Whatever your selling or promoting, you should have a review on it and of competitive products. Let me give you a list of what you should write about in any product review.

Outline for creating reviews

1. Introduction: this should include the product name, its model number, average price, etc.
2. How (product name) works: The ease of use or problems of use depending if its a competitive product or one your selling. Keep this in mind, feature, function and benefit.
3. My thoughts on (product name): Best here if you have used the product yourself, if not do some searches and find out what people are saying.
4. What others think about (product name): Download a few personal reviews from people that own the product.
5. Pros and Cons: What are the best features and what are the drawbacks
6. Conclusion: your overall rating of the product based on a 5 star system or a 0-100 rating.
7. Where to Buy (Product Name): Here is where you would put your affiliate link in.

People are hungry for information, the more you provide the better your site will be received by your visitors and when being rated in the search engines.

Helping people is what your content should be all about. If you were looking for a product online, what information would you be looking for….
How will this product improve my life? What are the features?
How is it better than _____ product? How much does it cost?

What Gordon Gekko said in the movie Wall Street is so true. Give the people the information they want and need and it will pay off over time. If you understand people’s buying habits online, you will see the need for reviews and for all your content to be informative.



When writing content, write it like you were standing with a friend or neighbor and you were explaining it to them. Tell them what you would want to know if you were looking to for that product.

Don’t try to be perfect, you will be going over it again a multiple times and you can add to it or take away if not relevant. You will always be trying to make your content more informative, more helpful to your potential customer.

Sometimes its best to step away from your computer. I find at times that I can come up with ideas and subjects when having a coffee in the morning, an ice tea in the afternoon. Watching TV I find I may be looking towards the TV but my mind is writing or outlining an idea. I always keep a pad and pen with me because you never know when an idea will pop into your head.

If you want to have a truly successful website, you need to up-keep it constantly. You won’t be spending all day every day to maintain your site. Once it is done and having some activity, you will spend some time each day on your site to up-date the information, add new content, etc.

Your site is a business, and like any business you have to be involved and on top of it. The more information you can add that is relevant to your niche, the better rating you will get. Better ratings means more visibility, more visitors and potentially more sales.

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I hope this was useful to you and I wish you all the best to your success.
Any questions, leave a comment and I will get back asap.


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