What is Affiliate Marketing and How to get Started

To put it plainly, affiliate marketing is the process of building a website to sell products or services for someone else, by placing a link on your website. The link you post on your website takes the customer to a place to purchase the item or service. That basically answers what is affiliate marketing and how to get started. But there is more details you need to know. 

For example, you create a website that reviews the best single cup coffee makers available. You sign up with Amazon to become an affiliate. They provide links for you to place on your site in your review and it will take them to that product on Amazon for them to purchase. 

Once the customer buys the item, you receive a commission for sending that customer to them. It can get better than just the commission for that product, but anything else they buy while on the Amazon site. [Read More]

What is your Why? Why do you want to build a website?
Do you have a strong focused niche?
Do you have a written business plan?

These are important questions and ones that you better have a good focus on if you want to be successful in online marketing. The failure rate for new online business start up’s is 90%, but if you have a good grip on the above questions, you ahead of the crowd.

Everyone has a Why. Some people want to go on vacation, buy a new car, their children’s education, better life or just want to get out of the rat race. What ever you why is, it must be strong. Get a picture or write it down and put it up by your work place.

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You will need it as your building your business to stay focused and determined. Building a website takes time, patience and determination. You can be working on your new affiliate business for 90-120 days and not see any activity and that can get most people frustrated and give up.

Its during this time that you need a strong why, so look at your picture or what you wrote and get back to work. Just like a brick and mortar store, it takes time to be noticed and build a traffic flow. Your new site will need time to get ranked by the search engines so you get some organic traffic.

The length of time to get traffic can be shortened if you use some paid advertising, but if your looking for a free site, I’m thinking that your going to not have too much to spend on advertising.

A niche by definition is: denoting or relating to products, services, or interests that appeal to a small, specialized section of the population.

To me a Niche is a “Group of people looking for something specific”. This group of people want information, answers, help, solutions and in some cases want it now.

With your affiliate business it is your job to answer these questions, give a solution or be able to offer the help their looking for.

So, whatever you have chosen for your Niche, has to be something your passionate about, something you will not get tired writing and researching so you can offer this help to your visitors and potential customers.

If you can help your visitor, explain a solution or answer their questions with reviews of products or programs they are interested in, the sales will come.

The most successful online marketer’s do not focus about selling at all when they are building a website, their focus is help. These are the 10% that are very successful in online marketing.

Do you have a plan?

We plan for almost everything we do whether we realize it or not. Even a family BBQ takes some planning so why wouldn’t you make a plan for something as important as an online business?

There are steps to creating a business plan that you can find here. Make sure you make a plan and write it down. It can change along the way but you need to approach your new online business like a business.

The free offer below comes with some perks also. First you’ll get 2 free websites, they will be hosted and are WordPress website. WordPress is the easiest to use and most popular website building platform today.

You will sign up for free and get to work on your website. I recommend that you just right into the training that you have available to you. Also, jump into the live chat and ask the other members about the platform and tell them about your niche.

The Hugh amount of people in the live chat is awesome. Some of them are extreamly successful and are eager to help anyone that needs it. At time the owners are in the live chat helping other members and just chatting.

Have a domain name idea? Check it now 

My final thought about starting your new business, pick a name and see if its available. Remember your domain name is not as important as your page titles, but it should be relevant to your niche.

Jump into the Affiliate Bootcamp training that is offered. It will take you by the hand and walk you through each step from your first page to the final steps of building your site. Once you start, don’t look back. Get to work, look at your why when you need the inspiration, but keep going past that 90-120 days and the sales will come.

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I am also on this site a few days a week so if you leave me a comment when you sign up, I will connect with you and can help you along the way. 

To recap, you need a strong WHY. You need a Business Plan and your focused Niche. Once you have that all in place, get to work. Time, Patience and Determination. 

Hope this was helpful for you, 
All my best to your online success

PS: Please leave a comment if you have a minute…Thanks

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