What is a Niche

A niche by definition isdenoting or relating to products, services, or interests that appeal to a small, specialized section of the population. 

To me a niche is a “Group of people” 

“Choosing your Niche”

Do you have a specified area of interest, a passion, something you love to do or work on? Think about this for a while, get away from your computer and take a pad and pen.

I find I think clearer in the most unlikely places. The shower, sitting on my deck, taking a drive, even watching TV I find my mind can wonder and think about a subject clearly. Jot them down, don’t limit yourself, you will narrow the list down later.

Your going to have to write a lot of Content about your business idea, so make sure its something your not going to get bored with, that you have knowledge of and will enjoy doing.


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Now, focus in on your niche

After you have a nice list, narrow it down to 3 ideas. Now, these 3 ideas you have written down, are you passionate about them? Do they really interest you enough to build your business around? You may be writing 90-120 days about your niche without any activity. Choose something you will not get discouraged with.

My typical Website has 20+ pages. As I go along and visitors ask questions, I find I may need to add another. My point here is its a lot of writing, so it should be something your going to love doing.

Research your Niche (idea)

Now that you have your idea, research it. Go to Google or Bing, whatever your favorite search engine is, and type in your idea. Take a look at the listings that come up. Go to a few of the sites and take some notes.

Below I did a search for someone wanting to sell custom mouse pads. Take note: the results in bold blue are page titles. I want you to understand that they are going to be more important than the name you choose. Below the blue page titles are the website name.


These sites are going to be your competition online. Look at how their website is laid out. Check the products there selling, their pricing and most importantly, the content they are writing.

When your doing this, type in your idea in different ways. Lets say your niche is Mouse Pads. You should then search, Custom Mouse Pads, Mouse Pads, Computer Mouse Pads, Personalized Mouse Pads. There is probably close to a hundred ways to search this one niche.

Pay attention to Google’s suggestions. When you start to type into Google your idea, it will have a drop down list of their suggestions. When I first typed in mouse, it showed 9 different suggestions. Mouse pictures, traps, pad, clipart, spider, etc. These terms are history of what people searched for online and some might be great keywords.


Keyword search your niche (idea)

The next thing I suggest is that you take your idea and do some free keyword searches. Type in the idea that your running with and see what results you get. It will give you an idea of the amount of times that word or phrase is searched monthly.

Below is a screen shot of Jaaxy.com, a keyword search platform I belong to. The first column is the keyword phrases, AVG is the amount of times per month that phrase is typed into a search engine, Traffic is the click thru rate and most important is QSR. That is the count of competing sites that have that phrase as a keyword or page title on their site.



*Update as of 8/21/17, If you use the above as a page title, you will NOT be able to post it on google+. One of the rules are no posting of promotional posts. They consider the phrase “make money” as a promotional message. 

The one thing I notice in this search, is there is a lot of completion in this market. Although when you consider the top line with 173,650 searches per month, 200 competing sites is alright. Not good because when you consider that there are between 10-12 search results on a page, your site would have to be so different and good to get into the first few pages.

In this search I just changed the phrase a little but have the same idea in mind. For this search I got better results and as such, I can create a site name or a page title that would get a significant number of searches but with a lot fewer competing sites.



My point here is to do searches and each time, change up the wording a little. You will find some amazing results of how people search online and how they word their searches. You want to choose a phrase that is grammatically correct, but keep note of some of the phrases that are not grammatically correct to use in the keyword section of your site, which only the SEO’s see.

What you want to be sure of is that you love this Idea you have. If you do, you’ll love doing the work, creating the content, replying to comments and your passion will shine through.

Writing down some of the related keywords that show in your search, will help you when your creating a Domain Name for your business. [ read more ]


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Hope this was informative and helpful for you.

All my best to your success,


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