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3 Important Links


The 3 links I’m going to talk about here are Internal links, Anchor links and External links. You will be using all 3 of them as you move ahead, maybe more. There are a lot of links, but these are the most important. 

Links are not only important but necessary for the success of your business. The SEO’s (search engine optimization) will be scouring through your site regularly to give it a ranking. Each link will either add or subtract from that. The SEO’s like (not love) internal links, and too many External links will take away from that.


Internal links

The best way for me to explain how an Internal link works, is if you look at my home page when you got to my site. At the end of each subject I discuss, is [read more].

Clicking on that takes you to another page of my site where I get into more detail about that subject. It keeps you on my site and does not send you to someone else’s.

SEO’s like that. They want to see that your offering more information but that its on your site. One of the important things to remember when you are adding Internal links, is that you set them to open in a New Tab”.

When a visitor comes to your site and reads something on the first page that he/she wants to know more about, they would click on the [read more] or highlighted word or phrase.

You want it to open in a new tab. The reason is, when their done reading the detailed information and close that tab, their still on your site. They may continue reading your Home page. The longer you can keep a visitor on your site, the more likely that they will take some action. (purchase).

To add your internal links on a WordPress site, you would first highlight the word or phrase you want to add the link to, then click on the “chain” looking link on your dash board. Seen here in the image as second
from the right. That will open another screen with your other pages listed at the bottom.

First thing you do (so you don’t forget) is check the “open in a new tab” button and then choose the page you want the link to open on. Then just click on the “add link” button on the bottom and your done. You will notice the word or phrase you highlighted will change color and be underlined.

Now when a visitor clicks on the link you added, They will be taken to the page that you attached to the link. It will also open in a new tab so when their done reading through your information on that page, and close the tab, their still on your original page. 

Remember when building your new website
Your in the business of helping, Not selling


Anchor links

Anchor links are very similar to internal links as they keep your visitor on your site. The difference is that an anchor link will take your visitor to another section of the same page.

If you have a article on the top of your home page and have more details further down the page, when your visitor clicks on that highlighted word or phrase where you inserted the link, they are taken to the point on that page where they can get further information.

These links are added using an anchor symbol that will be on your dashboard of your hosting platform. Its a little different than adding internal links so lets go through it.

First you have to choose where to place the anchor. If you have a summery article on the top of your page with further details of that subject lower on the page, you would put your cursor at the beginning of the more detailed information.

Then you would click on the anchor symbol on your dashboard. A small
screen will pop up as seen in the image to the right. Here you would enter the first word or 2 of that line where you had your cursor. When you add that word or phrase, do not leave any spaces. For example if I wanted to put an anchor link on this paragraph, I could enter “then” or “thenyouwould”, just no spaces. 

Now go back to the original article at the top of your page and highlight
the word or phrase that you want to link to this area of content. As before your add link pop up will open and you would choose the same page your on from the list, (since your anchor is to the same page).

When you click on the page it will appear in the URL section at the top. All you have to do is delete the backwards slash and insert #____. In the example I used it would be #thenyouwould. Click the add link and your done. Now update your page go to your site or click view page from the top of your dashboard and then make sure its working.

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External links

This is where you have to be cautious. SEO’s are not fond of external links or a link that takes a visitor off your site. Most of these are called Affiliate links. Even though Affiliate websites are probably the most common online today, you have to careful not to add too many external links.

An example of an external link. Lets say you have a website all about health. Your advertising a new Juicer, so you have a few words about it, the price and a link attached to a “Buy Now” button. That link takes your visitor off your site to say, Amazon where they can purchase the Juicer.

The good news is if they follow through and buy the juicer, you will earn a commission. Also I should mention, Amazons affiliate program says, if they should buy any other items while there, you will earn a commission on those products also. More on that can be found here. <- (see an internal link).

I have been asked many times is there a percentage of external links to your site Content as a whole. I have never seen any stats but in my experience I would say no more then 10% external links to your whole site. So if you had a 10 page site, no more then 10 external links.



One thing you can do is have review pages and put most of your External links on those pages. If you have external links on every page, it will hurt or at least slow the increase of your ratings. But if you have the majority on 1,2,maybe 3 pages, it will have little effect on your ratings.

To add an external link you would have to belong to an affiliate program because that is where you would get your links from. Most affiliate programs have different links for the same item depending how you want to place them. An affiliate text link would be installed the same as an internal link.

You would copy the link on your affiliate site. Highlight the word or phrase you want to attach the link to and a box would pop up like the image above. Simply paste your affiliate link in the box, check the “open in new tab” and hit enter. That affiliate link has your affiliate ID in it so when your visitor clicks on it and goes there, they know where the customer came from so they can issue your commission if the sale is made.

To add a banner link in your page or post, you would again go to your affiliate site and download the banner to your computer. You would save it to where you have images or a folder you create. Then while still on your affiliate site copy your affiliate link which is usually just under the banner.

Return to your page you want to insert your banner, place your cursor where you want the banner inserted and click the “add media” on your dashboard. Once you add the banner image, click on it and an “edit” pop up will appear, as seen to the right. Then click on the pencil image, second from the right and that will open a bigger edit screen.

In that screen you choose the link to custom URL and paste the code you copied into
that area. Then, just below the image CSS class, is a box that says, “open in new tab” (not shown in image). Make sure you check that. Hit the update button and your done. Update your page and then check the banner to make sure its working.  

There are other ways to insert a banner into your pages or posts that are fully explained on my website host, Wealthy Affiliate. I hope wherever you decide to host your site, that it would have the detailed training as well, but I have yet to find another site that offers so much training.


Also worth mentioning, external text links fair better then the banners.
Banners do grab the attention of your visitor, but statistics show that
more people click on text Links than on banners.


My first site some 20-25 years ago was a sporting good store. There was very little training at that time of how to build a site. I loaded my pages with products all having affiliate links on them. Needless to say I never received a ranking, and had no business. What did I know. Web hosting platforms had some minor details, just a few tools to use, so I was going about it blind. 

I tell you this so you can avoid the mistakes I made along the way. If your new to the whole online business, I can only suggest one web hosting site that has excellent training and guidelines. Its where I have all my sites now and it because of them that I am finally doing things right and starting to live my dream.


Building any online business takes time,
patience and determination

All my best to your success,

PS: Please leave a comment if you have a minute…Thanks

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