Web.com reviews for website building – pro’s and con’s

Website: Web.com
Headquarters: Jacksonville FL
CEO: David Brown
Started: 1997
Costs: $5.95/mo and up
Rating: 73 (0-100)


When you’re a web hosting company with the URL ‘web.com,’ you’re under pressure to live up to that rarest of things – a perfect domain name.

Even knowing nothing about the provider, you’re expecting something really special, and perhaps that’s the problem with Web.com. It’s a solid hosting service in many respects, but it never moves to greatness.

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Web.com is one of the oldest hosting services in existence. It has a lot of brand recognition because it invests large sums in TV, radio, and billboard advertisements.

This, in itself, is rather unusual for a web based company, but it seems to be working for Web.com. It sponsors some of the most prestigious sporting events in the United States.

However, the real question is, what do businesses get from this website builder? Does it live up to its slam dunk of a domain name? And, if it does, what features should you be using to enhance your company platform? 

Domain pricing

This is their hook as they say to get people to sign up. It is only for the first month after that it is at least $5.95 depending on what plan you choose.

Unless you join web.com you don’t know what the domain name prices are. When I joined I received a free domain name. Then you find out that year 2 the domain name will cost upwards of $37.00/yr. 

This is very pricey so I moved the domain name to my regular website hosting platform. It wasn’t very long after signing up that I saw the prices are going to have a major increase every step of the way.

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Shared Hosting Options
$5.95, $7.95, and $9.95, respectively.

There are three levels of shared hosting on offer at Web.com. They are Essential, Professional, and Premium. Each one is compatible with both Windows and Linux.

Whatever package you choose, you’re guaranteed a full set of website building tools, uncapped monthly data transfers, a domain name, backup features, and access to open source apps.

Take note: These are not WordPress sites

The more sophisticated (and expensive) your package, the more email addresses and storage you’ll receive. With Essential, it’s 300GB and 100 addresses. With Professional, it’s 500BG and 500 addresses. And, finally, with Premium, it’s an uncapped amount of storage and 1,000 addresses. 

Creating Your First Website

It should be pointed out that this is it for Web.com. There are no VPS, WordPress, or dedicated server hosting plans. So, it’s a service designed for small businesses and individuals who are confident that their needs are going to stay modest.

It is something that you need to think about before you invest in this hosting service. It’s not the right choice for scalability.

Its website building tool is easy to use. Many of the functions are ‘drag and drop,’ so even the inexperienced have a good shot at mastering it. You can incorporate maps, contact forms, HTML snippets, search bars, images, and more with just a few clicks. There’s also a handy spell check feature that you can use on your web pages.

Have them build it for you

Take note: There is no upfront charges but they clearly state there are ongoing fees. Be sure to read through the customer review further down the page. From what I have seen and read, there not very good at this.

If you’re just starting out in the world of e-commerce, Web.com is a great choice. For $29.95 per month, you get a fully supported online sales system. This is the Express package, and it gives an allowance of twenty products and uncapped email addresses.

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There is a 2.5% transaction fee, but this is relatively low compared to other hosting plans. When you’re ready to move up in the world and expand your product selection, there’s the more accommodating e-commerce Standard package.

The standard package has a bit of a price $59.95, but for this, you get a maximum of five hundred products and a 1.5% selling fee. You can also submit your products to Google search for better rankings and, hopefully, more sales.

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The Uptime

Web.com is a decent hosting service, with features for small time customers. While it may not provide enough flexibility for fast growing businesses, it has an excellent reputation for reliability with their up-time.

If you’re at all concerned about uptime, they are in the top of the list. During tests, it demonstrated remarkable stability and absolutely no outages, not even little ones.

Seeking a Little Help and Advice

Often, we find that web hosting providers sail through our technical tests, but fall apart when it comes to things like customer service. We found this to be true when it comes to the customer service at web.com. 

Certainly, the customer service helpline is easy to reach, but at time I have been on the phone for over an hour for an issue without it being resolved. Sometimes the service representative was polite, but had no knowledge.

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The Major Pros:

– Highly competitive rates to get you in the door
– Website builder is easy to use
– Good data storage allowances
– Excellent uptime (very reliable)

The Major Downsides:

– Pricing is very confusing with Hugh increases second year
– No VPS/dedicated hosting options, No WordPress
– Live chat support gives no answers
– Not suitable for fast growing businesses
– Customer reviews are all bad

Some customer reviews
Dieu said: take your money happily but provide terrible service

John said: I am deeply saddened to have ever dealt with Web.com
Ali said: I recommend never use web.com
Dean Said:  I would NEVER recommend this site to anyone
Kevin said: I’d rather show people my kid’s artwork on the fridge over the site that Web.com built for me
Elissa says: I have been waiting to speak with technical assistance for 55 minutes

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Designed for: Unknowing people looking to build an online business. 
Support: Although it has phone/web and a chat feature, I have not found one review on the web that is positive
Opinion: Not a site I would recommend to anyone. Its popularity seems to be from its advertising and up-time, but you need more than that.

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