Web builder reviews – Website Builder pro’s & con’s

Company name:  Website Builder (also advertised as sitebuilder, sitey and sitelo.com)
Location: United Kingdom
Started: 2014
Overall rating 47(out of 100)

Building a website is your first financial decision and will also be a place where you spend every day building your online business. In my Web building reviews, Website Builder is one I wouldn’t recommend to anyone. You’ll need to know what your doing in regards to website building or don’t think about joining. There is no training to speak of. 

This website hosting platform does not sell domain names. You get a free domain name if you sign up at the personal level, but it is the extension of their own site, WebsiteBuilders.com/your site name.

Whereas many professionals don’t advocate for the use of website builders, a number of people and small to medium size business have found success in their use.

Remember when your building your new website, 
Your in the business of helping, Not selling


Important note: These sites do not have SEO tools and you would have to up-grade to the premium or ecommerce plans or purchase them yourself to have these tools available. 

Website Builder is one of the upcoming website hosting platforms that are rapidly gaining popularity. But for this one, if you want the free starter program, bring your own domain. It does have an ease of use feeling, but that is only if you have all the tools you need.  

Website Builder is site development solution that empowers you to develop a website by making use of their software platform and their website development tools. As such, your access to your developed site is only done through their control panel.

How to start an online business with no money

Website builder – pro’s and con’s

1. It offers easy DIY website development solution

With website builder, you can create your dream site by dragging and dropping the features you need to be included in your site. You’ll need no help to accomplish this by yourself; it’s user-intuitive and easy to use.

2. 30 day money back guarantee
This is great and you may need it. I listed this in the pro’s because it will be valuable to you once you start with them. But see below the trouble you may have with getting your refund. 

3. They offer short-term pricing
You have to be comfortable with your site being an extension of Website Builders domain like https://WebsiteBuilder.com/Yourbusiness. WebsiteBuilder offers a free plan. With the free plan, as you can see from the screen shot above, you have to already have a domain name to host there.  

4. Web design and development templates
They do have 1,000’s of preloaded templates and themes that can be customized to reflect the customer requirements. Some are aged, but overall they can fit most peoples niches. 

1. Page editing and design

From the word go, when you hear of drag and drop, what comes to your mind? I suppose that you have the freedom to drag anything and drop it anywhere, literally. However, this is not the case with Website Builder. There’s a discrepancy between the expectation and the allowed editing process in accordance with the set layout. 

2. Technical SEO
Like some other website builders, they employ the use of Ajax technology to facilitate smooth drag and drop actions of the site elements while also making it easy to do editing to these elements. However, Google bots that always crawl through the web have problems accessing Ajax. This technicality can, therefore, act as discouragement towards the use of Website Builder to create your site.

3. Long-term Pricing
Even though they offer a free Plan for its users, there’s also an option for premium plans. These premium plans come with expanded access to the platform’s functionalities and space. This may be costly in the long-run for users that subscribe to them. Without subscribing to premium plans, your site sub domain will still remain to attached to Website Builder.

4. Customer support
Its basically a do it yourself or find out for yourself. There is a general help tech page, but other than that you have to fill out a contact sheet with details and send it to a support member. 

5. Trying to cancel
I couldn’t copy the members complaint which had his emails attached for privacy reasons, but I will give you a run down. 

  • He wrote and asked them, “please cancel my account” with his site attached
  • They replied, sorry to hear, we added 2 add-on’s for free to your account, this will allow you to continue, bla bla bla. 
  • So he wrote back saying “that was not my request, cancel my account”. 
  • They replied, Were sorry to hear this, we added 3 months free so you can continue, bla bla bla. 
  • He wrote back all in caps, “Cancel my account!!”
  • They wrote back, we’re sorry to hear this. We noticed you didn’t activate your ___ free add-on.
  • So again, all in caps “Cancel my account!”.
  • Then they finally did. But it took time a few more emails to get his refund. 

Bad billing practices

When upgrading your account at any time, products are added without your consent in the hopes that you would not catch it. Below was an upgrade that ended up having SiteLock added without my knowledge. I did catch it before I paid for my upgrade, but for me and Website Builder it was the last straw.

Customer Reviews

I have read through over 40 reviews from current customers, or users of Website Builder, and have not found 1 without a complaint.
Mike said: Yes it’s free to start you get a crappy domain free name but honestly what do you expect?
Lauren said: Avoid at all costs. Total imbeciles and have no idea what they are doing
Scott said: Websitebulider.com, SiteBuilder.com, Sitey.com, Sitelio.com- all the same company: False advertising and misrepresentation.
Maureen said: I am trying to get a refund now. I just sent them an email. They charged me $4.79 for the Premium monthly plan. $34.95 for the term upgrade. $29.95 for the Site lock whatever that is.

I would write more here but I think your getting the point. 

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