Success with Anthony review – is it a scam?


Company: Success with Anthony
Owner: Anthony Morrison
Business: Online traffic builder
Cost: $7.00 + $47.00 and hundreds of up-sells
Overview: 28 (out of 100)

Success With Anthony: A Scam That Will Suck Your Wallet Dry

Success with Anthony is an affiliate program owned by Anthony Morrison. It is another marketing system that seeks to drive hordes of traffic to your website, but it doesn’t. The website has simple graphics and over-hyped claims. It is a terrible program with a lot of sell-ups as I will explain in this Success with Anthony review.

Anthony Morrison promises numerous claims; some work and others fall short of the users’ expectations. A large number of entrepreneurs have lost huge amounts of money in the Success with Anthony program.

About Anthony Morris

Anthony Morrison claims to be a self-taught mogul and a well-known Internet marketing according to his website’s bio. He holds a myriad of Internet-related seminars in the USA. Morrison claims to hold the best seminars in the country; there is a lot of negative feedback surrounding his teachings.

Morrison is an author of two books and is known for his famous infomercials that claim to turn people to millionaires with as little as $20.

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Is It A Scam?

We may not doubt Anthony Morrison’s knowledge and capability as an internet marketing guru, but his loyalty is questionable. For instance, there are serious complaints about his unethical pricing.

The Success with Anthony Program offers tips and tricks on increasing website traffic. He promises free information which only happens to be the introductory part. The entire program will cost you $3395 and an additional $19.95 for the website cost and maintenance.

Target Audience

Success with Anthony targets small business owners, upcoming entrepreneurs, and start-ups. It is also open to website owners who want to build traffic to their sites. However, it is important to have knowledge of the basic concepts.

Tools Used and Training

The training has three modules which are presented in videos and e-books format. You can choose additional offers depending on the different affiliates chosen. The modules are:

Email marketing
Social Media marketing profits
SEO profits


Unethical pricing of the program is another major complaint. Anthony has three offers, they are:
$1,000.00+  It starts with the lowest price and gradually goes up as you continue.

Once on the site, he will try to sell you his Product/program for $67.00. This is your “golden ticket” to his online marketing strategy. You may think leaving the program is the best option. Every subsequent click lowers the prices which lure the members to stay.

When you try to leave the offer is better, $19.00. If you try to leave again you can grab it for $7.00. But this is just the beginning. At the end of the training, the total sum comes to $3995.

I hope that is self explanatory. How valuable is that product that is reduced in price from $67.00 to $7.00 in a few clicks? Well, its almost 90% discount.


Clickbank is one of the oldest warehouses for affiliate marketing. Success with Anthony Clickbank was banned for the following reasons:

High number of scam complaints
Large number of false advertisements on affiliate marketing
High number of chargebacks

Will You Make Money from The Program?

There are many ways of making money from the Internet but not Anthony’s program. His website is bogus and offers nothing outside of the ordinary. Also, the price charged is not worth the amount of training being offered. Lastly, it is not a viable option of creating a long and sustainable income. The only one making money is Anthony.

Here is a members testimony

The Good and Bad of Success with Anthony Program

The “free information” on the website is a bait to lure the people. While the introductory part of the program is free, you will be required to pay for all the rest of the training and website maintenance. Also, his unethical pricing is another cause of concern.

The information on the website is common knowledge. Most of the content is available on the Internet. Anthony Morrison does not share any special knowledge that we cannot find on the Internet.

Remember when your working on your new website
You in the business of helping, Not selling

Designed for: I have to say unknowing newbie’s. If you have any knowledge of the online business world and a little about how it works, you wouldn’t even look at this program.

Support: The program has a weak support especially for the new clients. There is no direct communication with Anthony. Also, there is little guidance once you purchase the program.

Overview: There are numerous complaints and negative feedback concerning Anthony’s products and seminars. It has too many red flags and countless complaints. The banning of the Clickbank is enough evidence the program is a scam. Steer clear and flat out run from this program; besides losing your hard-earned money, you will also make a few online enemies.

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I hope this was informative for you, all my best to your success,


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  1. Paul

    Dear Friend,

    Thousands of thanks for the great review on Success With Anthony. Your review contains loads of valuable information which provided enough information to analyse the product. Thanks for this useful review. Wishing you great success! Keep up the great work. I will come back to your website to learn more information.

    Your Friend,

    1. Douglas Schmitz (Post author)

      Thanks for the nice comment and I am glad you found the information useful. Most reviews are hard to create and sometimes costly. If you want to write a review you most likely have to join to find out the truth.
      I am constantly joining programs to review them only, then quit.
      I did this with many and I am glad it wasn’t for nothing and that someone gets some good information out of it.
      All my best to your success, Doug


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