SiteBuilder Website Hosting Review – Pro’s and Con’s

Owners: EIG (Endurance International Group)-Red Flag
Cost: Free to $30.00+/mo
Overall Rating 60 (0-100)

Unfortunately the first thing I have to say in my SiteBuilder website hosting review is that it’s owned by EIG. If you read through some of my many reviews, that should send up a red flag. EIG seems to have this game plan in place that they buy a company, lay off workers and the service goes downhill as the prices goes up. 

SiteBuilder pricing

Before looking into SiteBuilder, there are some issues which you have to bear in mind. If you build your website at SiteBuilder, that is where it stays. The website cannot be moved to a different host. Consider this carefully since I am sure that if you do sign up there, you’ll want to move fairly quickly.

The free site is good for a Blog post or a short term website. But for more longer term websites, you will need at least the Pro plan or better.

Reason being is that they have some hard caps and structures on each of the plans. For example the free plan has a cap of 50MB of storage, 10 times lower than competitors.

 What then is SiteBuilder?

This is a type of web building tool which exists on some spectrum with a core tradeoff between convenience and control. Normally, when a tool is more convenient, you will have some less control over it and the vice versa.

SiteBuilder is in a spectrum which is more convenient and all-inclusive for you to start and grow your web. It contrasts the solutions in which you will buy, install, then manage everything in your web separately in your own server.

Like the hosted web builders such as Wix or Weebly, SiteBuilder is like customizing and leasing an apartment in some development, in place of owning and buying your own house. Your will still be in a position to control cleaning, décor and all other things living-wise.

However, you will leave plumbing, construction, infrastructure and security to the property owner. This is the key point since there is some direct tradeoff between control and convenience.

The design and functionality which are included in the SiteBuilder work impeccably together like a platform. Based on competition, SiteBuilder directly competes with all- inclusive web builders such as Wix, Weebly, and Squarespace. 

SiteBuilder pros:

1. Security & convenience
SiteBuilder provides the hosting for their websites. In other terms, they are able to provide some place for your web files. This can be both bad and good, but it is basically good in SiteBuilder. They normally run their various software in Google and Amazon which can never turn you down.

2. Short-Term Pricing
If you don’t mind having your domain in a subdomain, then you could use SiteBuilder’s free program which has no trial expirations. However, for the permanent sites, some introductory pricing is made competitive.

3. Core Features and simplicity
Just like any other product, they are always adding some new features. Sometimes the new features don’t make your product any better. Evident in some of the SiteBuilder customer reviews, there can be some issues of becoming everything for everyone. SiteBuilder mainly focuses on the basic web core features.

4. Site Building Process
The simplicity of SiteBuilder is that the very theme they focus on the core features is the same in the actual site building process. Regardless of the plan you have, the setup process is the same for everyone.

Affiliate Marketing Action Plan

Cons of using SiteBuilder:

1.Search engine optimization and marketing tools
SiteBuilder does the basic marketing and SEO tools better compared to some of their competitors for example Wix. They do this in HTML tag and redirects functionally. But that’s about all they provide you with. 

2. Onboarding and customer support
Customer support is among the tough issues to elevate in industries. SiteBuilder run some fully hosted platform where they are able to prevent the various customer service issues.

3. No template changes
Although they have a good amount of templates, Over a thousand I counted, but once you choose one that’s what you use to build your site. If you want to change templates, you have to start over.

4. Slow load time
They do host their website on shared hosting platforms like Amazon and Google, so the up-time is extreamly strong. But the load time for your pages is a little slow.

Some Customer reviews
Matt said: they don’t know when to stop calling you once you stop your subscription
Sophie said: Avoid SiteBuilder at all costs!
Bo said: right now I’m full of regret and frustration
Peter said:  they have a fine working product, but their support is abominable.
Gino said: Horrible customer service. They’re tech support will give different answers each time
Ruben says: Friendly and knowledgeable staff. I don’t understand all the issues others have
Turner said: The worst nightmare

Designed for: Unknowing newbie’s and some cases college students needing a short life site.

Support: As with most of EIG’s purchases, service is in the toilet.

Final Word: Although there are some cases where you may need a site for a short time, it is not a site to build a business with.

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