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“What Online Business Idea is Right for You”

Creating an online business is going to take time. Anyone telling you it can be done in 30 minutes or an hour, is lying. It takes time to make all your settings, add all the pages you need, and then fill them with Content.

SEO’s, (search engine optimization) will be going through your site and will be rating it by your keywords and content. In my mind, Content is King.

Since your going to have to spend time writing pages about your business, filling them with good information and choice keywords, make sure you are choosing a business your passionate about. Something you’ll enjoy writing about while adding some keywords for the SEO’s.

Have an idea (Niche) already? Then you can get started here.


“Retail Store selling Your Own Products”

Having your own online retail store, selling products you make, or selling products you buy and resell, can be fun and rewarding. But don’t be mistaken, it will take time and more money than other businesses.

If your a builder of picture frames, or you produce your own ceramic crafts, whatever it is you build you can sell online. All you have to do is follow the steps outlined on my site, or if on a good hosting platform like wealthy affiliates that has all the training you’d need, build your site and insert your products

If your selling bird houses that you have built, or your offering a “build it yourself kit”, you’ll have to have a shipping account set up, FedX, UPS, etc., and also a way of collecting payments. If this is your business idea, start here


Remember, as your building your new site,
Your in the business of helping, Not selling


“Affiliate Retail Store” 


Affiliate marketing is the most popular sites online today. You see the concept on almost every site you visit. Major retailers are always looking for someone to promote their products.

Lets say perhaps you want to sell “organic cloth diapers”. You may have a company that stocks them but has no presence online. If you can arrange the company to do the shipping, all you have to do it promote it and have a way of collecting payments.

Being an Affiliate Marketer, most of the work is in the building of your site and filling it with Content. With an Affiliate site, one thing you have to be careful with is, not to have too many Affiliate links on your site. SEO’s don’t really like a site with too many links redirecting someone off your site to someone else’s. If Affiliate marketing is for you, then… [ read more ]


“Building Websites”

Another word used online for this venture is “Web Design”. Designing a good looking and flowing website is no easy task. If this is your expertise, then you could have a nice income.

Some people looking for an online business are fine with paying for a well designed website. Some people that feel their time is valuable, are willing to pay for this service.

The business of Building Websites is a specialty business and is only for those with the knowledge of Web Design. I not only find building my own site as a challenge, but so rewarding when done. Its partially due to belonging to a great site with a great community of users.


You can also make money for: Doing reviews,
Watching TV, Listening to the radio, And many more
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“Freelance Writer”

This business seems to be growing online since a lot of companies are turning to part time contract workers. Some of the reasons are its cheaper for them to hire part time, they do not have to offer medical insurance, a sluggish economy scares them from hiring any full time employees.

They want to make sure the demand is constant before hiring full time. If this job is for you, then you can start with a company called From my research I have found that writers can make between $25-40.00 an hour. 

A really nice website that would show your writing skills would do very well. Taking a subject and producing a informative article would be your showcase for these companies to hire you. The bottom line here is that you still need to build your website, as with any online business. 


 Professional Blogger

It is amazing how many visitors a site will get if the blog’s are good. I tend to think of this as an affiliate site since the Blogger will have to sell something to make money, but its his or her blogging that is driving visitors to the site.

A good blogging site that is linked to social media can receive thousands or more visitors a day. You’ve heard the saying “going viral”? If that happens, you’ll get hundreds of thousands, in some cases millions of people online reading your blog.

So, if you have the ideas floating around in your head and the words to express them with, blogging might be right for you. Again, you could start this job with But you should also build your own site so over time you would be doing this for yourself. 


“Social Media Consulting”

Social media is getting so large and a very important way for companies to promote their products and service. The best part for any Social Media Consultant is it changes very fast, so business owners and busy individuals don’t have the time to keep up.

If your savvy and understand the different social media platforms, then you should consider a business of being a consultant. With all the different platforms, you’ll need to narrow it down to 1 or 2 that you would build your business around. 

A social media consultant is the eyes, ears and voice of that company. You would be raising their brand awareness, helping to deliver traffic to their site and raising their bottom line. A well designed website to show off your capabilities to deliver on those points, would definitely get the word spread about your expertise. 


“The List Goes ON”

There are so many more but they all relate to one of the business ideas I have already listed.

You could sell ebooks, you could sell DVD’s, Have and online match making site, an Ebay store, sell photo’s, a hotel booking service, online sports betting business. My point here is whatever you can think of, you can create an online business for. 


One thing is for sure, whatever business your thinking of creating online,
your going to need to build a website for. No Website = No Business.


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All my best to you and your business. 


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