Last minute details

Whether you have an affiliate site or your own store, your going to need a way to take payments from your customers or a place affiliates you earn commissions from to send you your money.

The only site I would recommend is PayPal. My reasons are simple. There the most recognizable and trusted site. You will not have hesitation from your customers using PayPal.

If your an affiliate business you can keep your account personal at PayPal, or have the option of creating a business account. If your selling your own products online, I suggest the business account. They are easy to work with and are very secure.

You’ll need a shopping Cart

There are multiple online businesses that offer a shopping cart add on for your site. I am fond of PayPal because there the most used and trusted way of paying online, I would suggest them. They have a shopping cart to link to your site if you have an account with them.

Before you do, just google “independent shopping carts” and you check out the many available. There may be a different one that would be more suitable for your particular site or business.

For the businesses that are selling their own products, you will also need a way to ship your products out. Most of them have a discount program. Based off the published rates, you would receive a discount rate lower then than the published rate.

Make sure you are taking the charges into consideration when pricing your products especially if your offering free shipping for example. I have no affiliation with any of them, but the best know shippers are UPS or FedX.

While researching them, you check their policy’s regarding damages, returns, lost packages, etc. I would also take the most popular size package you feel you’ll be shipping, pack it and get a quote from each of what their shipping cost would be.

How about all the supplies you’ll need. Boxes, bubble wrap or Styrofoam pellets, tape, labels, etc. Remember to include this in the price your setting on the products your selling.

When I was shipping my own products out, I use to use Uline. But shop around to get the best prices. Most of the cost is in the boxes you’ll need. Again, I have no affiliation with them.

Most website platforms automatically keep your Website live as your building them. This gives the SEO’s time to find and index your site as your adding pages and content.

One of the final steps your going to do is add your keywords to the site which will increase your rankings and start getting your site closer to the top of the search list.

But before you do any advertising or posting on your Facebook page or other social media, you want to make sure your site is working.

Go into your “view your site” area on your hosting platform, go to your home page and check the following:

1. All images in the right place
If links are attached to those images, make sure there active
Make sure links you placed in your Content are working
Any links along the sides for additional pages are active
Affiliate links, make sure they are directing your visitor to the right page
Check the page links across the top of the page, go to each page and check the same as above
Is your privacy page correct? Most sites have a stock copy you use but have to insert your site name
Make sure your post, comment, email links all working
All your keywords installed in the right area
Check all your spelling
11. All social media sites ready
12. Email marketing campaign set up and ready to go

You will find other things along the way, but you want a good impression when your site gets visitors, so do some periodic check ups. Add new Content regularly. Reply to your comments if you have that section on your site. Make sure you check your email daily to answer and questions or concerns your visitors may ask.

Once you get to this point, after the work you’ve done on your Website, you’ll have a good feel as to what to check regularly.


All my best to your success with your Online Business.


PS: Please leave a comment if you have a minute…Thanks

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