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At this point you should already have:        

  1. Your business plan in place
  2. Purchased a Domain Name (or obtained a free one) 
  3. Have your Domain Hosted (read the reviews
  4. Have your pages Titled

Now your ready to start filling up those pages with Content. Its at this point that I do a lot of Keyword Searches. I want to incorporate some of those Keywords into the content of my pages.

Keyword by definition is: an informative word used in an information retrieval system to indicate the content of a document. In plain English, keywords are “words and phrases” that you would type into search engines like google and Bing, to find the websites offering or relating to what your looking for.

The “keywords and phrases” you put on your site are what drives traffic (visitors) to your site. The better your keywords and content are, the more traffic you’ll see and more success you will have. They are used by the SEO’s (search engine optimization), such as google, Bing, etc.

The right keywords can get thousands of searches a day while some others may only get a few hundred. But some highly rated keywords can be very competitive online because so many online businesses are using them. Keywords are crucial for your business online so you have to put some time and thought into researching them. They have to relate to your business name and niche.

 “Google search using keywords”

If your online no doubt that you have done a search for something in either google, Bing or some other search engine. They all look similar but let me explain google a little. 

Below are the results of someone searching for “car insurance”. Both of these words would be called Keywords. It actually would be considered a Keyword Phrase when together.

It is very important to note in the above search of “car insurance” that the bold blue headers are page titles, not the website name.

You must remember this when you create your page titles because it is those titles that get grabbed by the search engines. Just under the headers are the website names themselves.

In case I have not mentioned it before, when I am thinking of what name I am going to use as my domain name, I do some keyword searches using the name I have chosen. Having a keyword as part of your online business name will rate better in the SEO’s. 

Researching Keywords

There are a lot of sites that offer the free tools you need to research your keywords. 

1. – Free Keyword search – recommended
2. – Free Keyword search
3. – Free Keyword search (free is limited or 19.99 a month)
4. Google keyword search – Free (must have free google account)

I belong to 2 of the above. Wealthy Affiliate is free to join and would have everything you need along the way including 2 free websites. I also belong to because it is so much more than just a keyword search platform.

All the free keyword search platforms that I have ever tried, will give you up to 30 free searches. I belong to Jaaxy’s $19.00 a month level because I can do 30 searches for each page title, so it pays for me to have it. I also like all the other features which you can find out here.

I use the Keyword searches to help me develop my business names. Think about your business domain name. If you don’t have one yet, visit my page titled, Create Domain Name. You want your name to relate to your business and have a keyword in it.

Free keyword search tool is lower on the page

Lets try an Example

Once you have your name, and let me revisit an example I have been using, Bird Houses. Lets say you build them yourself so you have your business name as “Barry’s Bird Houses”.

You would go to one of the Keyword search sites and type in the following

1. bird houses    (4913 searches per month)
2. wooden bird houses   ( 405 searches per month)
3. bird house kits    (806 searches per month)
4. painted bird houses    ( 245 searches per month)

In the above example, I also listed in () the number of searches per month. This is how many times a month that word or phrase is used in search engines.

Result of a Keyword Search using bird houses

Explanation of the numbers

  • AVG: is the number of searches that word or phrase gets per month
  • Traffic: Is the number of click thru’s (people that visit the site with that word/phrase)
  • QSR: Competition (number of sites with that word/phrase)
  • KQI: Rating of the word/phrase based on AVG/Traffic/QSR
  • SEO: Rating based on search engines for that word/phrase (0-100)

I can rely on Jaaxy’s keywords because they are based on real data, not some guestimates. Their search engine is constantly scouring through the WWW and updating the data minute by minute. 

I am spending a lot of time and energy to build my site and I want the best information I can get. You can build the best site in the world, but if your using keywords that have no real data behind them, all your time and effort could be a waste.

If you use a site like, (the screen shot above) you’ll find that on the left is keywords related directly to the word you typed in, in the middle are all the ratings, and on the right are suggested Keywords to search.

Of course you want words with the highest traffic, but that’s not always a good thing. If you use a keyword that has over 200 competing sites, you could end up on the 20th page of a google search. Who would see your page then? You want to save words with a traffic number of over 75, but a competing rate of below 0-200.

Don’t forget the low hanging fruit!

Low hanging fruit are keywords that have fewer searches a month, but have little or no competition. Think of it this way, would you rather be listed somewhere in 20 pages of results 1000 times a month or be on the first page 50 times a month.

In the above search I see 3 low hanging fruit. Once you identify them you have to use your common sense. Do the phrases make sense? I would use “wooden birdhouse kits adults” for a page title on my site. It is grammatically correct, has 136 searches a month with no competition.  

You don’t want to create every page on your site with low hanging fruit, you want a few pages titles that have some good search volume. But if you created 4-5 pages with low hanging fruit of 70 searches a month with less than 10 competing sites, you would be on the first page of search results, 280-350 times a month. 

Free keyword search tool. Give it a try, its FREE

Remember when building your new website
Your in the business of helping, Not selling

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