JustHost Web Hosting Review – pro’s and con’s

Website: JustHost.com
Parent company: EDI (Endurance International Group)-Red Flag
Cost: $3.95+
Designed for: Newbie’s
Rating: 52 (0-100

I hate to sound like a broken record, but this is another EIG bought hosting platform that is going in the same direction as the rest. In my JustHost web hosting review we will look at what is happening to this once good company.

EIG (Endurance International Group), the largest holder of website hosts and email marketing platforms, bought JustHost back in 2012. And as they always do, they lay off workers and the company starts its downhill slide. They now own close to 100 webhosting and email marketing sites.

On to the review

When looking for a suitable webhosting company, speed, security, uptime, and pricing are among the top factors that come to mind. Furthermore, one would prefer a host that offers flexible hosting plans that you can easily upgrade or downgrade

Features and Benefits of Hosting With JustHost

One of the first things you will learn is their quick server provisioning service. You don’t have to deal with verification calls at odd hours, even for those of us who are international clients.

That applies to premium, dedicated, or VPS services. Theirs is a quick and easy process. Moreover, they also have a 30-day guaranteed refund if you don’t like their service. Even though that’s more like an industry standard, it’s worth it if you are paying for a premium package.

Customer Support
Their customer service is not so great. Even though they will take some 10 minutes to answer your call, they do not offer comprehensive answers. Most of their answers link you to their FAQs.

You will also be happy to know that one you buy your hosting plan, the package will include easy integration of packages such as Google Apps, plus over 100 open source applications.

Other benefits include free Bing and Google advertising credits, which will come in handy if you are just getting started.

The final feature that defines to their hosting is the free domain name attached to any package you buy. If you are just starting and cost is an issue, such a bonus is definitely welcome.

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JustHost has an uptime average of 99.82% as of 2016, which is above the industry average of 99.79%. While the ideal uptime for a budget-hosting package should be 99.99%, a difference of 0.17% means that you will get a total downtime of 1 hour 15 minutes each month.


That’s quite a lot if your website is already getting lots of visitors. While they are improving their uptime in 2017 streamlining their service, they are still falling behind the industry uptime average of 99.99%.

The industry average loading time for a website is 1059ms, which is faster, when you compare it to what JustHost offers in their standard package. Their loading time stands at 1,321ms, which is 20% slower.








That’s a big deal because a slow loading site frustrates the visitors and instead of converting them to a buyer or a happy visitor, it discourages them from viewing more content, buying anything, and ultimately from coming back.

In that regard, it’s therefore best to avoid their basic plan package and only go for the plus plan package that has higher loading speeds.

When it comes to pricing their service, they are not very friendly. For example, to qualify for their lowest rate, which is $3.45, you need to pay for 3 years upfront. Otherwise, if you choose the 12 months plan, you will have to pay $4.95 a month, which again must be paid up front.

Furthermore, after the expiry of your initial plan, the pricing rises again. You will also get numerous upsells once you buy the basic hosting package. Overall, you will find that what you pay after renewal, is at par with other premium hosting providers.

Hosting Plans
JustHost offers three hosting packages; Basic plan, Plus Plan, and Prime Plan. All the hosting packages run on their customized cPanel.

Basic Plan
The Basic plan that costs $3.49 per month, and it’s limited to 1 website, supports 5 email accounts, 25 sub-domains, and limits each domain to 100 MB of storage.

Plus Plan
The Plus Plan costs $5.95 per month, supports up to 10 websites, uses 150GB disk space, can host 50 sub-domains, 100 email accounts, and up to 500MB storage space per account. This account includes a CDN.

Prime Plan
The Prime Plan costs monthly fee of $6.95 and includes unlimited websites, sub-domains, email accounts, and storage. It also includes 1 SSL certificate, 1 dedicated IP, as well as premium backup protection.

Instant account setup

30-day refund policy
Free Domain name

Less uptime than industry average

Slow loading than industry average
Numerous integrations and add-ons 

Some user reviews
Lesley said: After being acquired by EIG I think they went downhill fast.
Amit Said: Just terrible. They deleted files of all my websites
Mark said: In general I have had no problems with this company.
Mike said: Every time I contacted Live Support (Be prepared to wait minimum 45 min.
Justin said: Had a good start but went downhill
Agustin said: the whole service as been from bad to worse.
Steven said: Truly displeased with what JustHost has become

Designed for: Unknowing people just looking for a good price and don’t know too much about what to expect. The load time is a killer for me and would be for your customers as well.

Support: Has gone downhill the last few years. No more ticket or email support.

Conclusion: Owned now by EIG (endurance international group) that own 83 hosting companies. The fact that every one of the hosting companies have had far too many complaints, I would not recommend this to anyone.

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