How to make money online

There are endless ways to make money online, but only one way you can
build a sustainable consistent income generating stream. 


Let me start by showing you ways to earn some extra pocket change. 

  • You can make money from listening to the radio
    You won’t get rich this way but you can make up to $15.00 a month. A site called is where you would sign up and they offer a $5.00 bonus. 
  • Proof read documents:
    Again, can be time consuming but on average you can make .35 cents per page if your good at spelling and grammar. The site is called
  • Serve as a mock juror
    You could help lawyers prepare for a court case serving as an online mock juror. You could earn $20.-60.00 for about an hour of your time.
  • Test websites:
    Here you could earn $10.00 for about 20 minutes of your time. Companies will pay you to determine how customers use the site.
  • Get paid to watch TV
    At this site,, You answer trivia questions and earn points. Those points can then be used to redeem gift cards to certain stores. $15.-20.00 a month. 

Before I go on, are these the way you want to earn money,
or would you rather spend your time building a sustainable,
successful, constant passive income generating business?
More on that a little further down.

  • Re-sell domain names:
    You could buy domain names cheep and then resell them to the highest bidder. You have to know what your doing with this one or you’ll get stuck with a bunch of domains no one wants. You can re-sell them at
  • YouTube video’s:
    If you can create a youtube video that can pull in an audience, the average payout for 1,000 views is about $6.00. Its the ads that are attached before the video plays. Its all set up and done through
  • Rent your cloths or other items:
    This one sounds strange to me, but you could rent not only cloths, but your BBQ or travel trailer, boats, etc. Do this through
  • State your opinion on Presidential Politics:
    One of the largest presidential polling companies are looking for opinions of registered voters and you can get paid through PayPal or get some prepaid credit cards.
  • Selling coupons:
    You can sell your unwanted coupons from papers through Ebay. There could be a seller fee, but some coupons can bring in hundreds of dollars.

These are not the way’s I want to make money online, but they may suit your needs. They do take constant time and for not that much money. Also, if you don’t work, you don’t make anything. I would rather build a website, put my time and effort in now and get it rolling.

Once you have an online business attracting visitors and earning some money, you can maintain it from anyplace at any time from a laptop. Maintenance is all you would have to do from time to time.

You have to understand that to start an online business will take Time, Patience and Determination. There is a critical time factor you must get past. 90-100 days of building a site and not seeing any activity is common place in the online world.

That is when you need to keep your WHY in line of sight and stay determined. To be totally honest its a tough time to get through. If you don’t think you can do all this work on your site and keep going on through this time period, don’t start.

I know that seems harsh, but it is reality. 90% of all new online businesses fail within the first 90-120 days. That rate is all too real and its because people get frustrated and discouraged during that time and give up.

Below, you can find a free sign up to a site called Wealthy Affiliate. You’ll receive 2 free websites and have them hosted. You will get training, support, live 24/7 chat with other members. 

At this site, we all help each other to be successful. We comment on each others site, on the content, on posts and pages. We review sites for each other and offer suggestions. We have live video classes and training. Its a community of like minded entrepreneurs helping each other. 

Take a quick look at the training you get. 

There is also training called Affiliate BootCamp
which I highly recommend.

The screenshot below is where we comment on sites and request comment on our own. You will not find a better place to build an online business. And you can tap into it all for free.


Got a name in mind? Check it out now for free!

Its a free offer, you have nothing to loose and everything to gain.

All my best to your success whatever you choose to do.


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