How to find a niche market on the web – Examples

A niche by definition is: denoting or relating to products, services, or interests that appeal to a small, specialized section of the population.

My definition is a bit different. I consider a niche a “Group of people looking for something specific. If you want to know how to find a niche market on the web, all you have to choose is something your going to like writing and researching.

Your niche should be a focused product or service that refers to your group of people, and your passionate about. We will get into the focused issue in a little bit. Why do you have to be passionate about your niche?

When you start your online business around your Niche, your going to spend a lot of time building that site and it will all relate to your Niche. If your not passionate about your niche, you will get bored and frustrated and give up.

It is the biggest reason that there is a 90% failure rate with new online businesses. People don’t realize what is involved with starting an online business, the time it will take and the determination you need.

It is extremely easy to get discouraged when you spend 3 plus months working on building an online business and see no activity. Its at that time when most people give up, but its at that time when you need to soldier on because success is just around the corner.

Back to your Niche. This is why I say, you have to be passionate about your Niche. But maybe a little deeper then that, is to be passionate about your WHY. More on that further down the page.

Lets create an example

Lets say your a golf nut and you want to start an online business related somehow to golf, your passion. Golf is a good Niche. Golfers will spend money on a lot of new gadgets and aids to better their game, any new ball that is advertised, etc.

I’m not picking on golfers because I am one. Like with any sport, activity or passion that people might have, they will spend money on it.

Golf is a good broad niche but we have to narrow it down to a focused niche. What I mean by this is there are too many products and services that are related to golf. Lets make a list of all the narrower niches within golf.

Golf Balls, golf clubs, golf umbrellas, gold bags, golf shoes, golf merchandise (tee’s, ball markers, towels, etc.), golf lessons, golf memorabilia, golf cloths, etc.

Each one of these can be narrowed down further to get to a more focused niche. Lets take golf clubs as an example and narrow it down to a focused niche that you can build your site with.

Golf clubs is still too broad a niche. You have all the different clubs first, drivers to putters not to mention about 8-10 different degrees of wedges. Then you have all the different brands of clubs, new or used, woman’s, children’s or men’s.

I hope your getting the point here, you have to narrow it down and specialize on a FOCUSED NICHE. So lets say you want to focus on drivers.

With drivers, you have all the different brands, all the different degrees of angles, new or used, left handed or right handed, woman’s or men’s.

You may be wondering if you can create a good online business building a website just selling gold club drivers? Below is a keyword search of Taylor made drivers.

On the left are the keywords that people searched, the first set of numbers are the amount of searches people do each month using those keywords. Read more about keywords and all the numbers and what they relate to, read this.

As you see in the screen shot above, “taylormade drivers” get searched 4,772 times a month. That is just the one keyword phrase that is searched. Then you have particular models that are searched, r1 driver and burner driver, each with over 400 searches a month.

So yes you can have a great business selling golf club drivers and what will be the most important part of your site will be the page titles.

So, this was an example of how you would get to a focused niche market. Take your idea and narrow it down to a focused niche. Then take your niche idea and using a keyword search platform, find the right keywords or phrases to create your pages.

One thing to take note of is that your page titles are what shows up in searches in google or any other search engine, not your website name. The name you create for your site is important and should relate to your niche business, but its the page titles that get picked up by the search engines.

Do you have a website already? If not, I have reviews on some of the top website hosts on my site. Read through them and beware of any of them that are owned by EIG. They own a lot of them now and they all seem to decline in service and increase in cost after EIG buys them.

Some of the other information you need to understand before building a website is on my site. Make sure to read through some of the information especially on your page titles, keyword searches, customer comprehension, and setting up your email campaign.

I hope you found this informative and having value
All my best to your online success, 
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