How to find a Niche Market on the Web

A niche by definition is: denoting or relating to products, services, or interests that appeal to a small, specialized section of the population. So when asked, how to find a niche market on the web, your looking for that small sector.

To put it simply – a Niche is a group of people

This group of people are interested in something specific. The key when choosing this group of people (niche) is to be very specific because if your niche is too broad, then it is going to be difficult to talk to your audience.

It’s like walking into the supermarket and asking for something to lower your cholesterol. It’s never going to happen and if it did, would you trust the source? Not the experience you want.

The worst thing you can do when starting out is to choose a niche that is too broad. I did this with my first website and had nothing to show for it. I will give you a few examples of broad niches and then we will narrow them down.

 Say you want to start a niche website about health. Too broad, not a good niche. How can you possibly target people within the Health market? It’s not a market that you can Effectively target so you need to narrow it down and get more focused on.

First lets replace Niche with the term “group of people”. There are groups of people looking to:

  • Improve their metabolism, great focused group of people
  • Over 50 wanting to lose weight, Another great targeted group of people
  • Fix a back problem, that is a great group of people
  • Hair loss remedies, big and growing group of people
  • Low carb diet, fantastic group of people
  • Weight loss recipe’s, another very large group of people

Are you getting what I am saying? People are not looking for health, they are looking for specific things. Within the broad Health sector there are 10,000’s of groups of people, (Niches). They are looking for answers, solutions, need help with a problem or wanting to buy something.

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If your a new parent and looking for something for your new baby, you don’t go to google or Bing and do a search for “babies”. This is again, too broad of a sector. Even “organic baby products” is too broad of a group of people,(niche). Let narrow this down further…

  • Organic cloth diapers – A good focused “group of people”
  • Stimulation toys for infants – Great group of people
  • Learning apps for babies – focused group
  • Jogging strollers – large group of people
  • Cribs and information about cribs – Wanting to buy group of people
  • Classic children’s books – Focused group of people
  • Information about colic babies – big group of people
  • Information on how to treat babies that are sick – bigger group of people

See how I am narrowing babies down to a much more specific group of people? Sure, these are targeted but they are still massive. Millions of people are looking for this information and answers every day.

Look at it this way, there are over 4 million babies born in the US alone every year. There are over 120 million babies born in the world every year. That’s a lot of people looking for something related to babies online. There gold in them there hills!

There are over 2 Billion people on the internet and they are all looking for something. Ultimately are spending billions of dollars online buying things throughout the course of a year and you are going to be able to capitalize on this with your website.

Most people are aware that if someone is hooked on a particular sport, they spend money on everything to do with it. My daughter and her boyfriend are Bronco’s fans. They have shirts, jackets, coffee mugs, glasses, theme parties all Bronco’s.

Golf is no exception, but too broad. Even golf clubs is too broad but there are a list of good groups of people (niches) within clubs.

  • Group of people looking for drivers
  • People looking for wedges
  • People looking for fairway metals
  • Group of people looking for irons
  • Children’s golf clubs
  • Woman’s golf clubs
  • Left handed clubs
  • people looking for putters

I made this list as a test

Can you see what is wrong with this list of “groups of people”, (niches)?

Let’s just take the first “Niche”, group of people looking for Drivers. Can you say immediately what is wrong with this Niche? Remember I said it has to be a focused niche.

The problem is its too broad. You may think its a good niche, but let me explain. We will take TaylorMade brand and break it down and you’ll see what I mean.

TaylorMade makes, The 300 series, M2 series, M1 series, R5 series, R510 series, R7Quad series, R7425 series, R7460 series, R& superQuad series, R7CGB max series, R9 series, R9460 series, R11 series, R11s series, R1 series, R15 series, and each series has about 3 different drivers, not to mention the different head angles, Left handed, right handed, men’s, woman’s, weights, lengths.

Am I getting my point across? And this is just one manufacturer. Think of all the different brands, all the different weights, angles, and every manufacturer has a list of different series.

So what would I do with this niche? I would build a website and promote the M2 series because at the moment it is the most popular. There are 3 M2 drivers and I would review them against comparable other manufactures top drivers.

I hope you understand how to narrow a broad niche down to a more focused niche. When you can get focused, you can build a great affiliate site that can create a steady passive income for years to come.

I should point out that anything you can think of, anything your passionate about, you can create an online affiliate business around. Don’t allow the thought of “there’s too much competition” influence your decision.

Within each of these “groups of people” (Niches), there are 1,000’s maybe 10,000’s of low competition keywords you can target. I target a lot of what I like to call “Low hanging fruit”. That’s a keyword with lower searches a month, (less than 100) but has little or no competition. [Read More]

When you choose your “Group of People” (niche), focus on it and find a more specific group of people. Remember, there are MILLIONS of people within every niche you can imagine and that is the beautiful part about the Internet.

The opportunities grow every year in all area of marketing online. You can read through my review on Affiliate business 2017-18.

Top broad niches

Fitness – exercises, machines, smoothies, healthy recipe’s, etc.
Health – as we talked about above
Weight loss – for seniors, for hips, belly fat, foods, etc.
Children/babies – as reviewed above
Recipes – healthy eating, budget eating, chicken (big one) etc.
Work from home –  so many avenues to go down here
Kitchen appliances – coffee pots, blenders, microwaves, etc.
Sports – pick a sport, cloths, tickets, shoes, equipment, etc

Each of these you have narrow down as we did above to focus on a very select “group of people”. If you feel you need a little help in focusing on a specific group of people, leave me a comment and I will get back to you. Maybe I can shed some light on your niche.

One thing for sure, No website….No business

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I hope this was informative for you
All my best to your success,
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