How to escape from the rat race – Don’t delay

Get up – have breakfast – go to work – come home 
have dinner – go to bed – start all over again
Question: How can you escape from the rat race?

How do most of us get stuck in this hamster wheel? Its a matter of conditioning from the day we’re born. We do something good, we get a hug or a treat. Do our chores and get a dollar, maybe 5 in todays world. 

From the time we are first going off to school, we are told to study hard, get good grades and someday we can land a good paying job. Report cards, principles, open school nights and parent teacher conferences all to keep us in line and do what were told.

When we go to high school we start to take some elective courses along with the basic’s. Now we’re taking some courses to get us ready for college. We’re told that a good job will bring security and a good life. 

How good is this life if I have to go to work every day being a slave for someone else who owns that business. We get (if lucky) 2-15 minute breaks and 1/2 hour for lunch. You have to be working 1 year to qualify for a week’s vacation. 

I remember the first time the word “college” came up and I said, “I don’t think I want to go to college”. I was immediately told, “well, the world needs ditch diggers too”. So, not wanting to be breaking my back all my life, it was off to college.

What does college teach us?

The first year of college is tough for almost everyone. If your fortunate enough to not get caught up in all the partying that is going on, you may learn something the first year. But to me its all an education to fit you into your spot in the rat race.

We get out of college and if your lucky enough land yourself a good job with a company in the field you studied. Now your  a full member of the rat race . Wake up, eat, go to work, come home, eat, go to sleep and start all over again.

Realistically, how secure is that job? I have had friends and family that have been with a company for years, one was 30 years, and they were let go due to budget cuts.  I was once told by my boss of 12 years who I was friends with, no position is secure.

Why do we do it?

Because it was what we have been taught from the day we started going to school. Its a way of thinking that our parents lived by and their parents and so on. Just think of all the control we are under everyday. It’s all a deception of sorts.

When I think of controlling factors, I remember something I was taught in a retail consulting school. When we were designing a store and putting 4″ red tape on the floor to guide customers in a particular way, I asked why do we do this?

The answer was, from the time we started coloring in a coloring book, “Stay within the lines”. When we start to learn how to drive, “stay within the lines”, you go to the bank, “stand in line”.

People don’t realize it, but they “stay within the lines”.  Ace hardware was big on this along with other big retailers. Now instead of lines, they use different tile colors to guide you around the store. 

Its a behavioral conditioning that has been going on since the beginning of time. The powers to be in the world want to keep the masses in control every step of the way. From the time we are born, we are for the most part, controlled. 

How can you break free?

Being aware that your in this rat race Is the first step to getting out. Once you can get a grip on that, you have to change your way of thinking. Realize that your allowed to expect and want more out of life. Understand that its ok to think outside of the box your in.

First you have to realize that working for someone else and making them rich, will never make you rich. The only way for you to find your financial freedom is to be your own boss.

Sure you could win the lottery, but honestly what are the chances of that. I have been playing the lotto for over 20 years, for 10 of those years I played $10.00 twice a week. After spending about $16,000.00 and winning about $300.00 total, I have come to the conclusion, its probably controlled also.

You think that having a pension is a good deal and its worth all the time you put in. Take a look at all the pension funds in the world, they are all in trouble. Chicago recently raised their taxes up to 35% because their pensions are in such bad shape. Nothing is secure!

Do you realize that your savings accounts, 401k’s and such are no longer secure. Since the last banking crisis in 2008 a new law was signed while you were sleeping. If the banks get into trouble again (and they already are), they can use all that money in savings, pensions, 401k’s to pay off their debt. Nothing is secure!

When you open a checking or savings account, did you ever read through all the paper work and fine print? The money you deposit is not yours, it now belongs to the bank. You are able to withdraw it, (that now has daily limits), but if the bank fails, its gone. Look what happened to Greece a few years ago.

Step 1 – get a grip on your financials

Do not live beyond your means. Having every new gadget that comes out is NOT necessary. Start paying down all of your debts starting with the ones that have the highest interest rate. Credit cards, student loans, etc.

Did you know: The only reason that interest rates are so low for so long is because our government would not be able to pay the interest on its debts if it increased much higher.

If you have equity in your home, (if you have one), look at the other debts you have and if your monthly payments would decrease if you remortgaged and paid the high interest loans off. Try to get your monthly outflow of money lower and in more control.

Step 2 – Start a passive income stream

You need to start your own passive income stream. It all takes time to get it rolling, so the sooner you start it, the sooner it will be producing income. Its something you can’t rush, it will take 3 things to complete. Time, Patience and determination. 

Everyone has something they love. Fishing, golfing, coffees, hiking, rock climbing, hunting, baseball, football, gardens, painting, photography, etc. That passion (niche) can be molded into a steady passive income with an online business.

The first thing you have to realize with any online business, it takes time to build your website. It takes time to get indexed in google. It takes time to get your site ranked with the search engines.

Start it now so you don’t look back a year from now and think to yourself, I wonder where it would have been if I started a year ago. I said that to myself several times along the way, and even the last time I started, I was kicking myself for not starting sooner.

No maybe’s or lets give it a try

This is not something you want to start with the thought of, “lets give it a try and see where it goes”. You can’t start an online business with that kind of mindset. Its a sure road to failure.

People starting out with that mindset, is the reason that there is a 90% failure rate of new online business start-up’s. They get a few months in and no activity on their site, so they just give up and say its not going to work.

Thing is, it does work if you keep going. The magic number of months building your site and seeing no activity is 6-9 months. If you can get past that, you will start to see activity and then sales.

My site has all the steps you need to take, but if you sign up for free at the site below, and get your 2 free websites, you will have training, support 24/7, and some of the 850,000 members to help you along the way.

I will not deceive you here, the free sign up is a great way to check out the site, see what it has to offer, talk with other members and get their input on the site and business. But remember that the free sign up gives you access to everything they have to offer but for a period of 7 days only. After that the training is limited, as well as some other parts of the platform.

Its not just a website building platform, its a university of like minded entrepreneurs helping each other to succeed. When I first signed up with wealthy affiliate, I had a website at GoDaddy, 1 at namecheap and 1 at hostGator. 

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All my sites are now at Wealthy Affiliate and I love it. Mostly for the people that have been great. I love the live chat that I can jump into if I have a question. I spend more time there now answering questions since I have been there a while.

Why did I sign up with Wealthy Affiliate?

I realized that people were making money online, a lot of it. I read and understood why most people fail when venturing into an online business so I could avoid it. I was serious about building an online business that was going to be successful. And not just one business, but several. 

So, like most people I did research. I already had been building my second site, but whatever website hosting platform I was on, there were always issues. No training, hard to reach support, no chat rooms to ask anything. 

Then, I was reading about a new scam that was on the web, and at the bottom was a link to wealthy affiliate and I clicked on it to check it out. At first I was overwhelmed like opening a box of something that needed to be put together. I didn’t know what everything was, how to navigate, the chat room was running and active. 

I watched the “take a tour” video on what everything was, where it was, how to do this and that. I went from a free member to a premium yearly the second day after I saw what they had. Yearly premium was the best value at .98 cents a day or $29.00 a month. The savings was just to good to pass up. 

I don’t want to and should not be selling you on this website host, you have to make your own decision. You can go there for free, look around and see if what it offers is for you.

What should you be doing now?

If you want to stop making someone else rich and focus on yourself,  get out of the rat race and have your own business producing income within the next year, start working towards it now!

There is no such thing as a get rich quick business on the internet, at least not for you. There are companies that will claim that, but the only ones getting rich quick are them by taking your money. 

You don’t want to look back in a few months or a year from now and say “I should have”! For an online business, you have to start now if you want it to be producing income 6 month or a year from now. 

The future is NOW, take control of it. 

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  1. Kattie

    Doug, How true some of this is. The first time I read through my bank papers I was shocked that they consider my deposits their money.
    I want to start an affiliate business online. I read your post on niches and like the weight loss since I had to go through it myself.
    Do you think this is a good niche for todays market?
    Thanks for all your great information

    1. Douglas Schmitz (Post author)

      Weight loss is a great niche. Don’t worry about competition because there are a lot of keywords to target in that Niche.
      Remember when your creating titles for your pages to do many keyword search’s to find the right title to use. Anytime you need help,
      Just PM me on the WA platform and I’ll help you out. I am on there at least 4-5 hours a day.


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