How to build a website for free online


Do you have a focused niche? An idea for a domain name?
I don’t want to talk you into or out of how to build a website for free online,
but I do want to make sure you know what it’s going to take.

How much time are you willing to commit?

We all start with a blank page when we want to build a website. We have an idea of what we want to accomplish, a dream or personal goals. We all want to spend as much time as possible to create our websites in the hopes of building a steady passive income from it.

Problem is most people start looking for this opportunity when we are getting to a desperate stage. A place of needing some income NOW!

This is the wrong time to be looking because we as humans, can justify to ourselves any knee jerk action like falling for what seems to be a quick way of making money.

We see a scam offer online, not knowing its a scam and lay out the $47.00 to join a program that says you’ll make thousands in the first day. Then you find out all that you will need and that it will cost another $200.+ for a site that does nothing.

Its at that point that you feel all online businesses are a scam and it will never work. This can put an end to your dreams and/or goals for good.

How much time are you able to commit?

Being realistic, how much time can you put aside and commit to building your dream? You have to consider, are you working full time? Do you have children? Parents that may need your help?

This is going to matter quit a bit on how long it will take to build a website that will start to show some activity. Can you find 2 hours a night after dinner? Can you make a few hours on the weekends?

It is said that someone that can commit to 3 hours a day building a website, will take about 3-4 months before the website starts showing some activity and making some sales. That can change if you have to watch training video’s, reading information and getting help when needed

This is something that no one can teach you but your going to need a lot of it. We as humans, or most of us want immediate results or instant gratification.

Building an online business is not instant. It does not happen overnight and to go months of writing content building an online business with no activity can really try your patience.

How do you know if your doing the right thing? You’ll be asking yourself, is my content good enough? Am I using the right keywords? Am I creating the right page titles to get rankings? Am I wasting my time? What am I doing

It’s at those times that you need determination! You have to keep moving ahead, soldiering on. You need to understand this before you start because you will need to draw on that determination along the way.

The best way to stay determined is to have a goal of what your purpose is to starting an online business in the first place. Is it your children’s education? Is it a new car? A better lifestyle? A vacation home?

Whatever it is your wanting to achieve, write it down, get a picture of it and hang it by your desk or work place. When things start to get you down and you start questioning yourself and what your doing, look at your picture really hard and get back to work.

Now that you understand the time factor, you need a niche. What are you going to build your website around. It has to be something your passionate about, something your not going to get bored researching and writing about.

So what is your passion? Do you like going metal detecting, building spice racks, coffee makers, golfing, hunting, fitness, flying drones, etc? Anything you can think of, you can create an online business for. Any one of them can be a very successful business if you know what your doing or if you get the right training. [Read More]

Your first step is to make a business plan. You have to understand where you are right now, where you want to get to and how your going to get there. Just like planning a vacation or a BBQ, you need to have a plan for your business. [Read More]

Your first financial decision is Free

The first financial cost for any one wanting to build a website and create an online business is buying the domain name and having it hosted. This is a major decision since wherever you have your domain name hosted is the platform your going to use to build your new website.

There are a number of website hosts that offer a free domain name, but not free hosting for that name. BlueHost is one, HostGator is another. But you only get the free domain name if you sign up and pay for hosting.

There is a tab on the top of my site labeled “website hosting reviews”. You can read through them.

Wealthy affiliate is the only website hosting platform that will give you 2 free websites(domain names) and free hosting. You can read the review on them here.

You can check to see if your idea for a domain name is available below. Make sure it will relate to your niche. It will identify you online so you want to be sure its relevant to your new online business. It will not be as important as your page titles on your site, but it is important.

Here is the free offer – 2 free websites, hosting and training

What does this site offer?

Let me start off by asking you this. Are you going to need training? Do you want to feel like your not doing this all by yourself? Will you want feedback on your progress? Do you want to be able to get an answer to any question you may have within a minute or two? Do you want to chat with online business entrepreneur’s that are extremely successful about how they did it?

Then your in the right place. I have never seen members of a community like this that are so eager to help. I have not been able to count all the training videos and tutorials that this site has. They review (when asked) your site, its content, images, its flow and layout.

We make comments (when asked) on any new pages and posts. That really helps get your site indexed and ranked by the search engines. We give feed back on the entire site, (when asked). A free keyword search tool is included and more.

You have to decide

I have been engaged in online business for a while now. I have had website on 4 different hosting platforms but have moved them all to wealthy affiliate. Its not that I didn’t know what I was doing, but I didn’t know what I was doing.

What I am saying, is I had no idea of how much I didn’t know, and wealthy affiliate has taught me so much more.

But you have to make the decision if this website host is right for you. I cannot and should not be talking anyone into anything. Everyone is different in what they expect and want. So you decide if this is right for you.

I hope this was informative for you
All my best to your success

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