How does an affiliate program work

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How an Affiliate Program works…

An “affiliate program  is a program in which a advertiser (a business or shop) pays you for links that you put on your website advertising a product or service they have.

You, as the website owner, gets a commission when someone clicks on that link and makes a purchase. Its pretty simple and straight forward.

They call this action a paid per action. You don’t get paid for having the link on your site, you get paid when the customer, (visitor to your site) clicks on the ad, (link on your site) and follows through and makes a purchase.

There are millions of companies that have affiliate programs. They are all looking to get their products advertised as much as they can. But one thing you will find as you build your Affiliate site, is you don’t want to overload it with Links. SEO’s (search engine optimization) such as Google and Bing, don’t like a site overloaded with external links. So its a balance you have to obtain which you will learn as you train. 

“Let me give you an example”

Lets say you build a site based on selling golf balls. After you have built your site and want to put some ad’s on it, we need to find companies that have links that you can add.

The good news is that there millions of companies that are looking to have you advertise their products.

So lets pick a really good company, Amazon. Amazon is one of the top paying companies and have millions of products to advertise. When you sign up as an affiliate at amazon, you’ll get an affiliate ID.

Then you as an affiliate of theirs, goes to a special links section at Amazon and choose what you want to add to your site. You check the specials, sales, etc. that they have on golf balls, copy the link which is encrypted with your ID and paste it into your site.

When a visitor enters your site and finds the product listed at the price that is right, they click on the link and it takes them to that product on Amazon. As I said the link has your ID in it. They make the purchase and you get paid a commission for sending that customer to them. Its as simple as that. Commissions are paid at a predetermined date, usually monthly. 

Here are some of the affiliation sites you can join. 
They are direct links, I have no affiliation with them.

(1) Commission Junction
(2) Affiliate Window
(3) Clickbank
(4) ShareASale
(5) LinkShare

Amazon is one of the companies
have to apply directly too. The image
on the right is a sampling of what
merchants offer direct affiliate links.

Please read “internal and external links” for important information

“But it can even get better”

Although different merchants operate differently, a lot of the companies out there offer a bonus. An example would be, lets say its the same customer, and not only did they buy golf balls, but they browsed around and purchased other items. You would get a commission on the other items as well.

This happens more often then not and can lead to bigger and bigger commissions.

Some of the merchants offer a plus to this bonus. Let take Amazon again, after you have shown some business coming from your site, (and there is a level you must hit), Amazon will give you a commission  on anything that visitor buys within 24 hours, even if they don’t go to Amazon through your site.

They have to originally go to Amazon from your site, but then if that customer should go back to Amazon directly within that 24 hour period, you will get a commission on anything they buy. Its a smaller commission, but it can add up

Its what they call a Win Win

As you can clearly see in the previous transaction, you have earned a bigger commission without doing any further work, and the merchant (Amazon in this example) has sold more products. They make more so you make more.

It can all happen because they didn’t have to spend money advertising for that particular sale, and they paid you a commission that is less then what they would of had to spend to get the sale. Some of these 24 hour commission programs have to be earned.

You start with these affiliates on a program of getting a commission just for the initial time your customer visits their site and makes a purchase. But if they return directly to their site an hour later, you would not receive an additional commission. Once your doing business a while and sales increase, they will offer you the 24 hour link.

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Keep your site fresh for more sales

You have probably heard the old saying, “if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is”. I can say initially it is good and it is true. But a lot will depend on you and the content you have on your site.

Always try to update your content on your site. After you initially add all your content, you will be going over it many times. As you tweak it from time to time add more helpful information. You will also want to “fetch it” in google after your done each time.

When updating your site, think of a site that you visit regularly. Why do you go there? Does the site offer the Best Value? Are there fresh articles or blogs that are of interest to you and you want to read? Do they keep the links up to date and offer the best deals?

People are busy today and most don’t have the time to shop all over the web to find the best price on something. If you can offer them that kind of service on your site, they will be back again and again. And every time they click on any of your links, and make a purchase, you’ll be getting the commission.

Unfortunately, most people wanting to build an affiliate website think that having a site and putting a few pages of affiliate ad’s on it, will make them rich. Not at all! It is primarily the content and keywords on your site that will get you visitors. But what is going to keep them on your site?

The competition is tremendous on the internet, what are you going to bring to the table that will make your site different, better, worth the visit? Lets take it a step further. What is going to keep them coming back? Is it your content, posts, blogs, etc. You have to be different, offer something more than your competition to be successful.

“My advise to you”

Whatever kind of site you have or are building, do a search for the best affiliate payouts that relate to your site. There are millions of companies out there and all have a different affiliate programs. Pick the one that’s right for your site and right for you.

To find companies offering affiliate programs, (other than the ones I have listed above) just go to google and type in your product + affiliate program and you’ll get a long list of who is offering affiliate programs.

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  1. Cathy

    New to affiliate marketing here. I came across a few online courses that teach about how to use affiliate programs without a website. It does seem easier without having to write articles and worry about hosting.

    I wonder what are your thoughts about it and have you encounter anyone who has been successful in affiliate marketing without a site. Thanks.

    1. Douglas Schmitz (Post author)

      Hello again Cathy,

      I have never come across anyone that is successful at affiliate marketing without a website. Actually this is the first time I have heard of such a thing and wouldn’t even know how it works.

      I would be interested in your take on it because I just don’t understand how you would advertise such a program without a website.

      Let me know when and if you can what you have read how it works.

      Thanks for your comment and look forward to hearing from you.   Doug

  2. mike53

    Hello Doug631, You have a great site. Wish I would have found it when I was searching. It would of saved me time and money. Your explanations are easy to read and understand. I love how easily you present the process of affiliate marketing. Makes it so easy to comprehend. And you provide all the additional links someone would need to begin. I might make the visuals on the right hand side a little larger but other than that. I think your right there. Continued success. Your site is a winner…….Mike53

    1. Douglas Schmitz (Post author)


      Thanks for the comment and visit. Affiliate marketing is a part of every site I have ever seen on the internet since every site has to generate some kind of income.

      It is fairly simple to do as long as you have a focused niche and a passion for what your doing/selling.

      I try to provide as much information as I can for people venturing into affiliate marketing. Glad you found it informative.

      All my best to your success,



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