GoDaddy Review Pro’s & Con’s

Founder: Bob Parsons
Headquarters: Scottsdale Arizona
Overall Ranking: 75 (out of 100)
Designed for: Newbie – Professional

At the time I was writing this, Go Daddy had a .99 cent sale
but that can change at any time


GoDaddy has a range of plans for you to choose from. As you can see in the screenshot, a .com Domain name regularly cost $12.99. A .net is $11.99, .store is 4.99 and a .studio is $9.99.

Today there are so many dots out there that you can get. .space, .café, .club, .online, .club, .shop and .pub just to name some of them.

You can also get dots today for specific locations. .ca for Canada or .uk for the United Kingdom. So now you can pick a dot that is specific to your business.

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The basic plan is $3.99 a month. This plan is for 1 website with 100 GB of storage. You get a Microsoft business email for 1 year and if you sign up for the annual plan, (billed for the year) you get a free website. The second year of this plan is $7.99 a month. 

Every option in the screenshot has 3 optional plans. For example, the basic plan has Economy $3.99 a month, Deluxe $4.99 a month and Ultimate $7.99 a month. These are the first year prices.

The second year is Economy is $7.99 a month, Deluxe is $10.99 a month and Ultimate is $16.99 a month. Both the deluxe and ultimate you can have unlimited Websites.

The most powerful and easiest to use  CMS (content management system) today is WordPress. The last option above is the only one with that system installed for you to work with. That option has 4 plans attached to it.

Remember when you are building your new website, 
Your in the business of helping, Not selling

The WordPress sites

The first for $3.99 a month is good for 1 Website, 10GB of storage, 25,000 monthly visitors (no guarantee, just your limit) free domain if you sign up to the annual plan and of course WordPress. (renewal is $7.99/mo)

The deluxe for $4.99 a month, is good for 1 website, 15GB of storage, 100,000 monthly visitors, Free site is signing an annual plan, Search engine Optimization plugin and of course WordPress. (renewal is $9.99/mo)

Ultimate for $7.99 a month is good for 2 websites, 30GB of storage, 400,000 visitors a month, free domain with annual plan, a one-click staging site, search engine optimization for 2 sites, 1 SSL certificate good for 1 year ($69.99 renewal annually) ongoing malware scan for 2 sites and WordPress. (renewal is $14.99/mo)

The Developer plan for $13.99 a month, is good for 5 websites, 50 GB storage, 800,000 monthly visitors, free domain if you sign an annual plan, 1 SSL certificate good for 1 year free ($69.99 renewal annually for SSL) (Renewal is $24.99/mo)

Here is a screen shot of their TTFB or time to first byte load time

Summery of customer reviews:

Aleisha said: I decided godaddy can go
Zi Yang said: Cheep prices, uptime is good, features ok, support sucks
Robert said: You get what you pay for
Shunmuga said: Good for small business, easy to set up
Samuel says: Been with them for 10 years, now I am moving on
Barry said: I’m a web developer, its been a big disappointment.

There are pro’s and con’s to every site. Not everyone works the same and their expectations are different. After reading through about 50 customer reviews I rate them 55%pro, 45%con

Pro’s :
1. Cheep entry prices (.99 for a .com-sale)
2. Offers a lot of options
3. Claim to have a 99% up time
4. Cheep hosting year 1

1. Up grades can be costly  (as with some sites)
2. Support response can be slow (Customer Reviews)
3. Shared hosting can get slow at times
4. Limited training

Designed For:  Both the newbie and the pro looking to build a Website for a low start up price. But year 2 can get costly.

My Opinion:  Good option for people starting out, but falls short on training especially for first timers.
You have to know a little bit about building Websites.

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Hope you found this information useful. All my best to your success.
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