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Company :
CEO: Simon Grabowski
Starter program : $15.00/mo 30 days free
Pro: $49.00/mo

Every website that is showing success online must subscribe to an email campaign. An email marketing campaign is something you do need for your online business to succeed, but it is one of the last things you do while building your site. On this page, GetResponse review – pro’s and con’s, I explain what is involved and why an email campaign is needed.  

Most of them will have a 30 days free plan when you sign up. So its as you start to see some organic traffic that it should be in place and ready to go. You can sign up and create your email campaign before placing your sign-up form on your site.

I have found after using 3 different email marketing platforms for my online businesses over the years, that they are all pretty much the same. You just like the ease of use of one over another. Their all fairly similar as far as navigating through, it just the procedures that are slightly different.

GetResponse pricing

The basic plan, as you can see above, does have its limitations. Although under this basic plan you can have up to 1,000 sign-up’s, you can see clearly that the tools are limited.

They do offer sign-up forms to place on your site to start building your email lists. There are numerous templets to choose from that are easy to customize to fit your marketing theme.

With that being said, for those of you who are interested in what GetResponse has to offer to their clients , here’s some information that discusses both the pros and cons of signing up for their services.


Some people like the services that GetResponse offers because it is said to be a one size fit all solution, particularly for those who need a more robust platform to suit their needs.

This system easy to navigate through, even though it is loaded with many different options that users can make their selections from. So, most users will find that GetResponse makes is it very simple for entire organizations to do a variety of task when they are managing their list.

It is also important to note that most users love the drag and drop features that have been provided, especially since it makes it easy to make big and simple changes and it saves a lot of time in getting big projects done.

Some of the templets 

The custom templates are also great for ensuring it meets specific company’s requirements and preferences. Also, people normally like it because they can always save their emails as templates so that they use them frequently over and over again. Or, the user may choose to make small modifications on a template for recurring notifications.

For example, the user may set up a continuous reminder template that will only need the date and title changed every time that the notification is submitted to the customer

GetResponse gives users the opportunity to try out their services for 30 days so if the user does not like the platform, they can do so without losing their investment.

Great for developing a comprehensive email listing marketing campaign. This product is a great option for business owners who do not know all of the ends and outs of designing a successful online marketing solution that grows sales, while also maximizing their ROI

GetResponse has been designed to allow each user to connect with their potential clients in a simple to use environment. Particularly, since the newsletters that the organization creates are easy and quick to customize. Therefore, whenever the need arises, they can send out newly created promotions swiftly in order to push a product or service that they are launching to a specific target audience.

The developers of GetResponse have added a feature that allows the primary authorized users to add additional admins. This modification in security is great for times when others in the organization need assistance to meet tight deadlines.

Once users get use to how GetResponse system works, it is easy to navigate around. Also, when a user does have problems or need an issue to be resolved, they do not have to wait until regular hours to start. Instead, GetResponse is available 24/7 with very friendly and courteous services.


Some of the templates are dated so people may or may not find a template that they can use for their needs.

Emails do not save automatically it has to be manually done. Unfortunately, this can be a major problem for those that do not remember this since they may lose hours of work.

There is a strict limit of only 50 emails that can be sent out during a test. So, the only way to take advantage of the larger email volumes is to upgrade the package before the 30 days of free services is up.

Some user reviews:

Jahan said: the best help I’ve received on how to “get started”
Jim says: run don’t walk away from GetResponse
Lana said: I think that GetResponse’s marketing automation is pretty cool
Darrin said: been using Getresponse for a number of years and still find the calendar scheduling kind of confusing
Chris says: drag and drop is horrible with a lot of bugs
Sona said: robust marketing automation

Designed for: Anyone, first timers to experienced. They do have training modules and a great Q&A section

Support: Is now running 24/7 and they seem to respond fairly quick.

Opinion: I belong to both AWeber and GetResponse for different sites and have no issue with either.

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