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You can do a free search for a free domain at the link below. But understand that it takes time and patience to build a successful and income producing site.

Domain Names are important and should relate to your business, but it is your page titles and content you write on those pages that will be the driving force to getting rated in the online search engines. 

When your building your new website, remember
Your in the business of helping, Not selling


The most valuable commodity I know of is INFORMATION!
Quote from Gordon Gekko the movie Wall Street

That saying is so true and at the site listed above, Wealthy Affiliate, information is what they are all about. There is endless training that takes you by the hand and walks you through every step.

But without getting the training, you need to know what your doing to create a website.

1. You need to have a niche
2. Are you selling your own products or building an affiliate site
3. You need a business plan -if you fail to plan – you plan to fail!
4. You need a domain name and hosting platform (if not using the above)
5. You need a keyword search platform
6. Understand the importance of your page titles 
7. You have to fill those pages with content 
8. You have to understand links – here
9. Have an email marketing plan in place
10. Add social media to the site and have accounts set up

There is more information your going to need and my site is filled with all of it. Make sure you also understand why 90% of all new online business fail so you can avoid it.

I want to show you some of the training you
get at this site as a free member

Not only that, but there is also Free Affiliate training


Check out some of the reviews

Good luck with your domain name search

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