FatCow review – Another EIG site – pro’s and con’s

FatCow Hosting platform Owned by EIG

Website: FatCow.com
Parent company: EDI (Endurance International Group)
Cost: $3.75 Basic no thrills
Designed for: Newbie’s
Rating: 59 (0-100)

The more website hosting platform reviews I do, the more I realize how much of a monster Endurance International Group is. The problem is every site they buy goes downhill fairly quick. We will look at this with my FatCow review.

One of the problems is they lay off workers and therefor the service goes down, the maintenance goes down, and one rule is the bigger they are the harder they fall. Association with EIG tends to be a kiss of death.

On to the review

When choosing a website host, there are a few features that it must have. Uptime, control panel features, speed, reasonable pricing, support, and security. If a host doesn’t have these features, you could easily end up being frustrated.

This is why we wrote this FatCow website hosting review to help you make an informed choice. I just checked a domain name to buy and their prices were, $11.99 for a .net, $16.99 for a .org, $19.99 for a .host and $33.99 for a .works.

FatCow doesn’t publish their statistics, but we still managed to get our own data after a trial test. After a testing period of one month, we established they had an uptime of 99.88%. While that’s not ideal, when you consider what you pay for their service, it is within reason.

It’s important to remember that even hosting giants such as Amazon do experience some downtime once in a while. What’s important is how fast they can get their service back online.

Load  time

FatCow has a response time of 3000ms at best, while that’s much lower than the industry average of 360ms, it’s only experienced in its WP starter plan. Their premium plans have better response speeds, and uptime.

That means that it’s not the best site if you need a host that will offer you great speeds at a budget. However, if you are hosting Private Blog Networks, then that may not be a big issue, and it may actually work to your advantage.

If you are targeting high speeds and fast response times, then you have to choose their dedicated or VPS hosting service. Their dedicated and VPS services are as good as any other mid-level hosting service.

Furthermore, the VPS hosting is scalable, which means your site is not restricted but can grow without facing penalties for excessive consumption of resources.


FatCow offers a discounted signup price of $3.75/month for WP Starter and $6.95/month for WP Essential. Both accounts include a free domain registration.

The renewal fee is higher; you will pay between $8.49 and $10.49 for the WP Starter plan, and $10.49 to 12.49 for the WP Essential package. While the WP starter plan hosting is lacking in speed and response time, the WP Essential has competitive speeds and response times.

If you need premium hosting, they have the VPS hosting plan that costs between $21.24 to $24.99 for the Basic VPS plan, and $50.99 to $59.99 for the Business plan.

The lower pricing is available when you choose the 24-month package, while the higher price is available for those who prefer to pay their hosting fee monthly.

FatCow advertises “unlimited hosting,” but it comes with a ton of limitations. Those limitations often lead to account suspensions.

If you use too much storage space, bandwidth, or CPU time, your account can be suspended. It’s only unlimited until FatCow decides that you’ve used too much.

Control Panel Features

The FatCow hosting makes use of vDeck which is customized to offer different features offers in the various FatCow plans. You get unlimited disk storage, bandwidth, add-on domains, server upgrades, and a 30-day trial period of all plans.

All plans have pre-installed themes and plugins, and site management tools such as spam protection, auto responders, email forwarders, email hosting, etc.

Super speeds (SSD-Based Hosting) are not available in the starter plan, which can explain why using that hosting package is sluggish. Furthermore, unlike the rest of the Fatcow hosting plans, the starter package does not include enhanced security support from SiteLock, a feature that us available in the other plans.


You get access to user support for basic issues for the Standard package and expert-level user support for the other plans. If you are new to hosting, it’s best to avoid the starter package because you are not likely to get much support.

You may get support for the basic stuff such as being guided during theme installations. Other than that, you may need to upgrade to at least WP Essential to enjoy a more personalized support.

Free support for all plans
Security support for WP Essential, Dedicated, and VPS hosting
Fast speeds for all for WP Essential, Dedicated, and VPS hosting
SSL support

No dedicated IP

Numerous upsells
Doesn’t include cloud flare basic
VDeck is not the preferred panel
Slow load and up time

Some user reviews
Laura said: Hosting plans more than double in price ever time you renew
Andrey said: Horrible experience! All my websites are down for a week

Ann said: Was really disappointed with their servers and support
Jonathan said: Started off fine however, the last few months were horrible
Jahaya said: Having used FatCow for 5 years, I’ve just had my renewal price doubled!

Designed for: Newbie’s because experts would avoid it
Support: OK but only for the better more expensive plans
Costs: Cheap advertised entry but renewals double each year
Opinion: Like most EIG hosting sites, its going down hill since acquired. While most hosting services offer average hosting experience across all their hosting packages, FatCow limits the fast speeds and response time to WP Essentials, dedicated hosting, and VPs hosting services.

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