Fast Lane Lifestyle review – Scam?


Is fast lane lifestyle a scam or legit?

To make $1,500 a day for a $47.00 investment would be great for most of us, unfortunately it does not exist anyplace on the web. Not only that, but they claim you can make this your first day. That should send up a big red flag for anyone.

While researching this business, I found out that it was anonymously registered just this past May, 2017. The person behind the scenes is a guy named Tim Fletcher. There’s a video showing how his system works and how much you can make. Problem is, its not him but a stock photo.

So what is Fast Lane Lifestyle?

They claim you can sign up for a measly $47.00, and for that you get an income producing site using auto-blogging as a marketing campaign. There’s a few problems with that also. For starters it doesn’t work well anymore. Google has gotten wise to this sort of thing and will de-index your site if you do it.

If you go to their site, (still up as of 7/29/17) and you try to leave, they will offer a discount of $37.00. But if you try to leave again, you’ll get a better discount. The final discount will come down to $17.00. Strange that they would do this with a limited number of spots available.

Their oldest member Hank, seen below, is not Hank at all. He’s a stock photo. I wonder if Hank actually exist?

All the testimonies I have read and watched, are all using paid people who have nothing to do with Fast Lane Lifestyle. I found this out by viewing video’s on different online businesses and seeing the same person saying this is my one and only business.

This girl that works for does a lot of their video testimonials. I’ve seen her face on many video’s claiming to be in business with whatever particular company she’s promoting. She’s now running into a problem that no one trusts her anymore.

So, if you have that $47.00 and have an hour a day to take care of your site, the rest of your time is yours and the money will just keep flowing in. But there is no real explanation on how it all works, and the only money flowing is from your pocket to they ‘res.

If your somehow caught up in this (scam?), once you sign up the up-sells start to hit you. Before you can get to the members section you have several up-sells that you “absolutely” need. Once you get to the members section, there are a bunch more up-sells you “Need”.

I am not opposed to up-sells if there going to help me with my site and business, but what they try to sell you are things you don’t need.

1. Cheep to get involved – especially if you try to leave a few times
Can’t think of any more

1. My review is full of them

My final word…

Stay away at all costs. The only ones making money here are the ones that own this business and taking all yours, and the ones making testimonials for them.

It is your lucky day because those that have read this now can save their money and put it to good use someplace else.

my #1 recommendation

If your looking to start your own online business, take a look at my #1 recommendation.  It is only for those people that are serious about starting their own business and know what its going to take. 

Hope this was insightful and all my best to your online success.
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