Deception and Lie’s – How Did It Get To This Point?

Deceptions we have become blind to in our everyday
lives and its relationship to building an online business.

It sometimes sickens me to see how much of every aspect of our lives are bombarded by all deceptions and lie’s. This will be a multi-part post because it involves so much of our lives that I want to touch base on most of it so you understand better how it effects everything we do.

Free shipping 

I laugh at my daughter when she tells me she bought something online and got free shipping on it. Of course she gets mad at me and will argue with me, but there is no argument.

First, you would have to believe that the shipping company and truck driver would pick up and deliver your package and not want any money. They do not work for free!! Then that the company is not using any gas for their truck and that they got the truck for free. Not a chance!!

Shipping companies do not nor will they ever work for free. They are being paid to deliver that product you got free shipping on. Now, you’d have to believe that the company you bought the product from is going to pay the shipping company out of their own pocket. They won’t but even if they did, how did that money get into their pocket to begin with? YOU!

Let me give you an example with something I am very familiar with. Without naming names, The largest online retailer in the world offers prime members free shipping. Since they have to pay the shipping company to pick up, ship and deliver that product to you, (and they are not doing it for free), where is the money coming from to pay them?

They are not taking it out of their pocket, so they charge the sellers of those products what the shipping cost will be for that product to be sent and delivered to you. The sellers can’t afford to pay for the shipping, and the cost of the goods and the fees they’re charged to have the product listed for sale on that site, so they up the price of the product to cover the cost of the shipping.

So who is paying for the shipping that you get free? YOU ARE!!!

But we have been so conditioned that we believe that we are getting a great deal because we got free shipping. Sorry to say but you got nothing for free.

Nothing in life is FREE! 

This is conditioning that has been put in place and rolled out over years and years. Small steps so we don’t really see it or realize it. I can personally tell you that shipping costs are Hugh for any business. It can be up to a third of the costs of anything you buy.

Buy one and get one FREE

Another argument I had with a family member. If you were to buy one of this particular cell phone, you get the “second one on us”. Again, that company has to buy all the cell phones they sell or “give away”.

First of all you have to realize that there is a lot of profit (money) in cell phones. Not only that, they collect a lot of monthly revenue from you to use their service. Recently they have plans of $40.00 a month but you have to have 4 lines.

Question, if almost all cell phone service is $40-100 a month each, how can Consumer Cellular offer full service plans for under $20.00 a month? Do you see how much your overpaying?

So who is paying for the “one on us” cell phone? YOU!!

When you buy ___, we’ll donate $200.00 to ____ Charity

Now this company will boast how much they have donated and helped people and look really good for doing it. They will also get a very big deduction when its time to do their taxes. But where did that money that their donating to look good in the eyes of the public come from? YOU!! Yet you will not get a tax deduction for the money they got from you and donated.

A lot of companies do this and get a lot of tax deductions for their benefit, and we’re all paying for it. I think its time we did something about these types of deceptions. We should get a deduction off the price we pay if we don’t want to donate, and if we do, it should be in our name so we get the deduction.

These are just some small examples of deceptions (lies) that we deal with daily. Now lets take a look at a few larger ones that have shaped our history and all of our lives.

A car that gets over 110 miles per gallon?

I still have this newspaper article in my draw, it was in 1973 and there was a gas shortage (LOL) at the time. I should say a deception of a gas shortage so prices could be increased.

In Florida, a race car driver, who I will not name, modified his carburetor on his car and was getting just over 110 miles per gallon. The folks from Detroit paid him a visit with a suitcase full of money, (reportedly over $2,000,000.00). The idea, plans, whatever you want to call it went into the bottom draw never to be seen again.

We’re told that the car companies are working their hardest to get more miles per gallon out of our cars, but the truth is they cannot allow a car to get 110 miles a gallon. The reason is TAXES! They need the tax money they collect on every gallon of gas, so if there was a big reduction in the amount of gas a car uses daily, they would loose too much money.

Lets touch on a few biggies and I will ask you to leave your answers in the comment section. I will be talking about these in my future posts but want to get your thoughts on them.

  1. Who actually has control of our money?
  2. Why did we go to war in Iraq?  
  3. What happened to Tesla’s papers? All his documented experiments? Where did they go?
  4. How did we go from free TV to paying over $100.00 a month?
  5. Commercials? Do you know what there selling?

How did we as humans let things get to this point? When did all the deceptions start and why are we letting it take us down this road?

Another word for deception would be lie. As it was told to me, “The bigger the lie, the easier it is to convince the general public its true”. It gets sent to the news feeds, they tell us over and over again that “this is how it happened”, and the general public believes it.

Patriots buy 2- 767 jets, But the title should be “we the people bought the patriots 2 jets”. It is only because we pay through the nose for everything related to sporting events, that they have this money to buy jets.

From the ticket prices, food, $10.00 cup of beer, $5.00 French fries. I have to stop and ask, Why do we do it? I don’t! I enjoy a good game, but I am not a Hugh fan of football. I do love golf but still will not pay for tickets to watch someone hit a little white ball into a hole in the ground.

How Does This Relate To
Building An Online Business?

Cheap domain names and cheap hosting promotions are all over the web. There is a catch to all of them. There are also free keyword platform sign ups but they are limited to 30 keyword searches. I do agree with some of those because it is a good way to see the quality of them and what they can offer you. 

Yes you can get a domain name for .99 cents (for the first year) but at what costs? A hosting platform that has old technology? A host that has large down times? A host that charges big for hosting fees? A host that has no or very slow support?

Build a website in 30 seconds or the new GoDaddy one is build a beautiful website in 30 minutes. The deception here is you could buy a domain name and have it hosted in 30 minutes, but its an empty, page-less site.

The truth is, building a website is not easy, does not happen overnight or in a month. It takes work, time, patience and determination. And your WHY better be something you feel strongly about. 

Your going to spend a lot of time building your website and its time you don’t want to and can’t afford to waste. You need a site that is up and running all the time, has a good website building platform like WordPress. You need training, support, an active chat room, a great keyword search platform so you don’t have to get it (and pay for it) someplace else. You need plug-ins, Images to use that you don’t have to buy the rights to use.

The list goes on and on. In all my years online, all the website hosts I have belonged to, I have only found one place that has everything (and I mean Everything) you need to be successful.

They also have a free sign up, 2 free websites with hosting. You also will get access to everything they have to offer for 7 days so you can see if what they have fits your needs. After that you will still have the free sites and hosting, but some of your training and other programs they offer will be limited

What’s ahead…

There is a great book written by: James Dale Davidson called “The Age of Deception” and I do highly recommend it. You can find it on Amazon or any book store. It decodes the truth of the American economy.

Occasionally I will refer to the book, but I generally want to tell you how it relates to our everyday lives. This will be a series of posts as we dive deeper into how this all started. It can be traced back to before the Roman Empire.

We will be touching on many areas of these deceptions in this series of posts. I hope you will enjoy reading them and to realize that there are deceptions (lies) to building online businesses also.



Till next time… Please leave a comment if you have a minute,

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