Creating pages for your site

Whatever your site, Whatever your selling,
Pages and their Content 
are KING to the SEO’s

The importance of your page titles

Anytime you do a search in google (or other search engine), what you see in the bold blue header are the page titles, not the website name. When you understand this, you can see when creating pages for your site, the importance of creating the right page titles.

See image below. The bold blue headers are page titles, the website is listed just below in green.

Please let that sink in a little! You only want to create your page titles once. Once you create a page title the search engines will find it and index it. If you change the title it will again take time for google to find it again.

Also, if you start to add some internal links to other pages and change the title, you have to change the links or the page will not be found.

The best way to create your page titles is to first make a list of the pages you want to have on your site. Then take that list to a keyword search engine. There are a few free keyword search engines I have listed below.

Here are a few sites for keyword searches – Free Keyword search – Free Keyword search – Free Keyword search keyword search

I use It is free for the first 30 searches, $19.95 if you want unlimited. I can do 30 searches alone for each page title, so it pays for me to have it. With all my work online and the importance it is for me to have successful sites, I only want to deal with good accurate data. 

You would then type into the keyword search engine each of the page title ideas you have and see all the options that come up. In the example below I have searched “wooden bird houses” and got the following results

Explanation of the numbers:

AVG: is the number of searches that phrase gets per month
Traffic: is the amount of “click through” or visitors that phrase gets
QSR: is the number of competing websites that use that phrase
KQI: is a quality indicator (green great, yellow ok, red poor)
SEO: is a score based on traffic and completion (0-100)

The keyword with the least competition is “wooden bird houses sale” gets 72 searches a month with only 6 competing sites. With a minor change to “wooden bird house sale”, (just deleting the “s” on house), makes it a better page title.

You did not change the number of words or the order they appear, so your site will still receive 72 searches a month with only 6 competing sites.

You can access my free keyword search platform here

Lets build a list of pages for
someone selling bird houses

The first page you need is your home page, (landing page). This is the first page visitors will see or land on when they click on your website link. It is very important what this page looks like, feels like. If it doesn’t capture their attention right away, they’ll be gone right away. More on that later.

You’ll also want a “privacy page”. Most website hosting platforms, will already have a privacy page written that you can insert. All you will have to do is insert your website name in the appropriate areas of the page. You can check mine out HERE as an example. 

The next page you’ll want to have is an “about me” page. Simply stated, this one is where you personalize your site. You want to let people know there is a real person attached to the site. Tell people about your journey in life and how you came to this point and started your online business.

Now some other ideas…

1. Home page – Your landing page
2. Privacy policy – a must for websites
3. About me – make your site personable
4. What bird house attracts what bird page(s)
5. Build it yourself Page – Kits you could sell
6. Recent sightings page – interactive page, get your visitors involved
7. Where particular birds are located pages (may have to be 3-4 pages) Maps of countries and what birds are there.
8. What food is for what birds page – maybe a page of foods (affiliate links)
9. Bird house pages – Where you have photos of your houses for sale
10. Bird feeders page(s) – if you build them

So far we have 10 pages listed some of which you’ll need several pages for. Conservatively, we have about 18-20 pages already within 10 minutes of thought. You will find as you start building your pages and writing content, more and more page ideas will pop into your head.

Take those page ideas to your keyword search platform and do some searches. Type the phrases (page title ideas) into the search different ways. Ex. “Build it yourself page” could be “build your own bird house kits” 120 searches a month, “building bird houses” 274 searches a month, “build bird house” 887 searches a month.   

What about a page on where to place your new bird house in the yard? That could be called Bird House Placement. 

If your selling “Build it Yourself Kits”, You may want an instruction page even if you send them with the kits. People loose them all the time.

You can see already we have about 20 pages and we did that in 10 minutes. What about a bird watchers page selling items like binoculars, a camera, etc. 

All website platforms, when your working on your site will have an “add page” tab. You give the page a title and then add the content. The more pages and content you have, the better rating you will get from the SEO’s. The better rating you get, the more visitors you’ll have. 

Before you title your pages you want to research them through the keyword search platform. You want your pages to have a keyword or phrase in it, but you also want it to make sense. Its not a good thing to change page titles after you created them for a number of reasons.

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Lets do a search for someone building a site to sell golf balls 

A good page title would be “best price on golf balls”. Actually all of the above would be good page titles. I would not use the last one because its pretty much the same as the top one. But on all the others, you would be on the first page of each search.

 What kind of pages would be good for a site selling golf balls?

  • home page
  • about me page
  • privacy page
  • how are golf balls made page
  • the difference of golf balls page (2+ pages)
  • what ball is right for your swing page
  • golf now app page
  • several training pages 3-4 pages (with video’s)
  • several pages to sell balls 3-4 pages

I could keep going on but as you see we have about 14-16 pages already with 5 minutes of thinking. But each one has to be put into a keyword search platform so you can target a keyword in the title and have it make sense.

*****Whatever keyword you use in the title of your page***** 
*****You must include it in the first paragraph of your content on that page***** 

Don’t overlook the Low hanging fruit! 

Low hanging fruit are keywords that have lower searches a month, but very little if any competition. If you look at the results above from “best price on golf balls”, There are 5 low hanging fruit keywords or phrases to use. The top 5 have only 8 or less competing sites. This would put you on the first page of the search results any time those phrases are searched.

I would rather my site be on the first page of a search result 50 times a month, then be someplace in 20 pages of results 1,000 times a month. Does that make sense to you? 

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“An Overview”

Remember, your Home Page has to be appealing to the eye, not over crowded with tons of stuff. You have to keep their interest when first landing on your site. Its too easy to hit the back button and go to someone else’s site.

You want it clean, clear and interesting. The longer a visitor is on your website, the more likely they are to buy something. 

Make sure your initial set of pages you create, are filled with interesting Content. As time goes on you’ll find your going to want to add more pages, and that’s a good thing. 

Hope this was informative and I wish you all the best on your business.


PS: Please leave a comment if you have a minute…Thanks




  1. RichPersonality

    Great article! It seems like you easily come up with ideas and names for new pages. I wish I could do this as fast as you! I think proper keyword research is the most important thing before creating any content. Those low hanging fruit keywords are not always easy to find and it can take some time, but it’s worth searching for them!

    1. Douglas Schmitz (Post author)


      Thanks for taking the time to comment. What is called the low hanging fruit is something that most people don’t take advantage of and can really help your website grow.

      Like you said, it does take some research and time but is well worth it.

      All my best to your success. Thanks again,  Doug

  2. Alice

    Thanks for the tips on creating pages on websites. I am new to internet marketing so I want all the help I can get. As of now I have two websites on different niches and I’m just wondering, is it better to have my latest blog as my website’s landing page? And what is the ideal frequency of publishing articles? I am also considering outsourcing because I am working a full time job and there are even days when I have to work for 12 hours. I find your recommendation to be cheaper than others, so I’m thinking that maybe the quality of their work is not as good as those who charge more like Upwork.

    1. Douglas Schmitz (Post author)


      I wouldn’t change my home page on any of my sites once there getting ranked. I would add a paragraph about your new page and then link to it, but leave it as its own page.

      I find I add a page or post 2 times a week along with posting it on google+ and then fetching it on google. It will help with your google rankings if you do that with every article, post or page you write.

      I have had several post written by Hirewritters and they were fine. There are a lot of writers out there, find one your comfortable with. Most of them have good rates overall and the posts they write are good. I always tweak them after I get them to add my personal touch. 

      All my best to your success, 



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