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You should have already, written down a
Business Plan and Chosen a Niche

Choosing your Domain Name

Your name will represent your presence online. To find the right domain name for your business, you should be writing your ideas down. I say that because as you get to check to see if the name is available, you should have a few choices.

Remember that your domain name is your identity on the web. It should relate to what your selling, what your niche is. Your name is important, but I think more important for your online success is going to be your page titles and the content you write. 

Finding a domain name that’s easy to type is critical to online success.  Don’t use slang or words with multiple spellings, ( ex. u instead of you). It will make it hard for people to find you. Keep it relatively short and try to incorporate a Keyword or 2 in the name. 

Choosing Domain Names using Keyword Search


The site I belong to has free Keyword searches. But I have listed a few here: – Free Keyword search – recommended – free Keyword search – free Keyword search (free is limited or 19.99 a month)

I belong to 2 of the above. All my sites are on Wealthy Affiliate and I belong to as well. Using an example I used on my Home Page, I just did a search for bird houses at When I searched this name I came up with pages of Keywords.

Another feature at and is, based on your keywords, you can check and see if a domain name is available based on that phrase without committing to it.  Keywords all get rated as to:

1. Average number of clicks per month
2. Website visits
3. Number of competing sites (other sites using that keyword)
4. Quality indicator (ranked as great, normal, poor)
5. A score rated on traffic and competition

This is a typical search using “start a business with no money”

As you can see in the above example, the phrase “start a business with no money”, gets 5,757 searches a month but has 269 competing websites. That means that 269 other sites online use that phrase on their site which is some major competition. 

I have used a few normal rated keywords, but the clicks per month were high and competing sites were low. Its a little bit of a balancing act, high clicks but low competition is a good thing and not that common

Using that information, go to google and type in a few of the ideas you’ve written down for your name and see what comes up.

Say you come up with wooden birdhouse kits and typed it into google, you’ll see things related to it but no site using that name.

An important side note: Your page titles are going to be more important than your website name. In the above search results, the blue headers are page titles and below in green are the website names.

I did check it just now in my account and found that “wooden birdhouse kits” is available with either a .org or .net. That tells me someone owns the .com extension, but is not using it.  

What to do with your Name ideas

Now that you have a few name ideas, you have to check to see if there available to buy. But before you spend a penny look at the list below. Remember that at Wealthy Affiliate, you can sign up for FREE and get 2 Free websites.

A free website will look like this: Where as a domain name you buy will look like this: If you choose Wealthy Affiliate once you check your domain name and its available, you can then then Register it and your site is automatically be hosted and private.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Do your research on what website building host you buy your Domain name at. Once you buy your name at a website hosting platform, that is where all your work is done. Make sure they have everything your going to need to build a good income producing website. 

You can move your site to another website host, but it does take a few day and then you’ll have 2 places that you will be making payments to. Your yearly website domain name site and your new hosting site. 

You can read about the private setting and why it is important,
on my “Avoiding Scams” Page.


            If you have a domain name in mind, check below
Its free and if its available, register it

Once You Have a Name and Host, you’ll need pages

Now you’ve got your name and a host, what’s next. Now your next step will be to start building your pages and Content. You can find that information HERE. 

Choose the site where you buy and host your Domain Name carefully. Make sure you check out any hidden fees, if you get the complete tool box and if they have a guarantee on next years rates.

Like I said in my “about me” page, I’ve been doing businesses online for 25 years and found no other place then I have moved all my sites there and will never leave. Its a gold mine of information.

If you have no money to invest, but still want
an online business, go here

Website hosting platform reviews

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[1and1 ]  [] [FatCow] [iPage] [ JustHost]
[SiteBuilder] [ WebBuilder]

All my best for your business success.
I hope I get to help you along the way.


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