Coffee Shop Millionaire – Scam or legit?


Name: coffee shop millionaire
Cost: $37.00/mo plus up-sells
Owner: Anthony Trister
Overall rating: 32 (0-100) 

Have you ever wanted to make money online? Yes, probably.
Have you ever wanted to make it as quickly as possible? Definitely, yes.

What if I told you that a website promises to teach you just that? Intriguing, isn’t it? Coffee Shop Millionaire is an online course that promises to make you a millionaire. 

The idea and the website looks great in general, but the product gets fishier as you dive deeper into it. If you want to save your time and money (hundreds of dollars’ worth), we’d advise not to buy this product. But, if the idea still seems good enough to you, read our entire review before you make a decision about this.

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What is coffee shop millionaire?

Coffee Shop Millionaire is an online internet marketing course designed by Anthony Trister. The course claims to help people make money online quickly, and teaches businesses how to venture into SEO marketing, video marketing, etc.

The product is priced at $37 which seems cheap for an online course like this. However, there are many up-sells in the product that may add up to over $400 in the end.

How does it work?

First of all, you’re also asked to purchase your own website because otherwise, you won’t be able to apply for the training. The website is a low quality WordPress website with PLR content.

Here, you’re billed for an entire two years of hosting for a website that takes two minutes to make. This one action ties you to the program for 24 months.

Apart from that, the initial courses are very basic and thus, you’re asked to join various communities that cost you more money. An advanced course like Six Figure Success Club costs an additional sum of $237 which you’d be persuaded to pay as the initial courses barely cover anything.

CSM will tell you all that you need to know about email marketing. It would also tell you about video marketing. Pretty much all that you need to know about marketing. The one thing that it doesn’t teach you, however, is HOW to sell these services. If you are going to be a millionaire, it is the HOW that is the important thing.

Even if you know all about the strategies, you need to know just how you could sell it to the people. Even big business houses with tons of marketing budget fail when it comes to getting more visitors- and it is all because they do not get the HOW to right! Coffee Shop Millionaire offers absolutely nothing important in this regard.

Is it worth it?

The initial cost of $37 for the course seems reasonable but it only goes downhill from there. The videos seem to last very long and are filled with words like “internet lifestyle”, “millionaire dream”, and “six figure income”.

The content is very advanced for a local businessman who has recently decided upon venturing into internet marketing. The longerthe stretch of the videos somehow contain similar points, and make the marketing sound a lot easier than it actually is.

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Most users of it have also complained that the tutorials just talk about various methods but do not lay out a plan for its application. People who’ve tried to contact Anthony to clear any doubts or ask any questions have rarely gotten a response.

Once you’ve joined the course, you’ll always be prompted to pay more money and join various communities which will end up as a waste of hundreds of dollars.


Sign up is $37.00
Does offer training, 10 short video’s


Up-sells are numerous and expensive
Doesn’t teach you how to sell the products
Content is too advanced for newbies
No support or help from Anthony

To buy or not to buy?

A website to teach you internet marketing and claiming to make you a millionaire in a short amount does sound interesting but this doesn’t make the cut. The initial cost of $37 may be a drawing factor for some but you must know that there are a lot of upsells that you cannot get out of once you sign up.

The content is also too advanced for anyone who’s just starting out. It isn’t also detailed for the fee it charges its students. There are a lot of websites out there which can help you with internet marketing, but you shouldn’t waste your time on this one.

Coffee Shop Millionaire will not make you a millionaire, and all the information it does offer you can be easily found online. In short, it isn’t worth it – not by a long margin.

My final decision is its a scam!

If you want to build and have an income generating online business there is a way. You can build an affiliate website based on a niche that you are passionate about. 

But before you start, you have to understand that building any online business takes time, patience and determination. You have to realize that you can be building your new website for 3-4 months and not see any activity.

That time frame seems to be the threshold for most online business start-up’s. Its during that time that people get discouraged and stop. Its why the online business failure rate is 90%.  

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What do you need to start your own online successful business?

My site is filled with all the information you need, but in a nutshell you need, A niche, a business plan, a domain name, pages and content, reviews, all the other bells and whistles and your affiliate links.

That is just to get your website built, and there are a lot of smaller steps all tied to the main steps. When your site is almost finished, you have to make plans for an email capture marketing system. All your social media icons and accounts set up. 

Read through my home page and get some insights as to what its going to take to build your website. And remember that it is going to take time, patience and determination.


Hope you found this information useful
all my best to your success, 

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