BlueHost review ratings – pro’s and con’s

CEO: James Grierson

Headquarters: Provo, UT
Founded: 2003
Domain price: $15.99
rating: 63 (0-100)

It’s obvious that all business need websites but getting started can at times be a challenge. Owning a website goes hand in hand with hosting the website. When writing my bluehost review ratings with pro’s and con’s, we will look at what they offer.

There are a number of top companies that provide platforms for hosting websites and indeed there job has really been appreciated by many. Every one of these platforms has their pro’s and con’s and people that like them or not.

One of the these websites hosting platforms is Bluehost. It offers unlimited space and unlimited domains with their plus or better plans.

Structure of Blue-host

Blue-host was one excellent website hosting platform until they were bought out. Their structure and way doing things was one of the best, but there has been a noticeable decrease in site support since.

Blue-host use to provide a very helpful customer support but have since discontinued their phone tech support.  This is unfortunate as their customer support was something that drew a lot of people to their site.

Blue-host does have a very good control panel. The control panel is user-friendly and very much easier to use. The control panel also provides additional services such as Cloud Flare integration and SEO based services. 

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Domain Cost

Blue-host doesn’t actually advertise their domain name prices unless they are running a special. The cost to buy a domain name is $15.99, which is in line with most other website hosts baring any specials running. They do offer new domains $100 worth of AdWords for google

WordPress Hosting Cost

When it comes to hosting websites, the Bluehost has three packages that are involved. The basic package, plus package and the prime package. The three packages usually have regular prices and the company offers prices.

The regular prices for a basic hosting package are $8.99/mo, If you commit for 24 month its $8.49, and for a 36 month commitment its then $7.99 per month. The company does offer special prices, as of right now they are $2.95/mo for basic, $5.95/mo for plus and prime for $5.95.

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The regular prices for a plus hosting package are $10.99 per month for the terms of 12 months, but they do have a special running now for $5.95/mo. You do have to commit to a term of 12 months. 

Finally, the prices of the prime hosting package are $14.99 per month for a commitment of 12 months. The special they have as of today is $5.95. 

Dedicated hosting prices

Pros of using Bluehost hosting 

Its introductory pricing is very low when it comes to the pricing of hosting. Bluehost is one of the few inexpensive website hosting platforms. Furthermore, this platform has a number of offers in terms of price depending on the plan that you choose.

The security tools that are offered by Bluehost are really very nice. They offer solutions to all the risks that are associated with hosting of websites. Some of the security tools that they use include Spam Assassin, Spam Experts, and Spam Hammer.

Bluehost normally comes with a special dashboard that enables you to integrate a number of services and applications. Some of the things that you can integrate include Google apps, and Cloud Flare which very important in increasing the success chances of your website.

Remember when building your new website
Your in the business of helping, Not selling

Cons of using Bluehost 

Sometimes it’s average uptime is very weak. A number of cases of weak uptime for Bluehost have been reported over the last one year. The uptime falls approximately 0.10% below the expected average for the industry. This means that Bluehost records about 99.89% of the available uptime.

Bluehost experiences slowness in its speed of loading websites and this is actually one of its major challenges when it comes to service delivery. When the company experiences the sluggish speed of the page, it not only hurts the experience of the user but also the profit margin.

Some user reviews

JJ says: There is noticeable downgrade in support
Jayson said: Bluehost was a better hosting site before they were sold
Dianne says: Very disappointed. I will be moving my site
Servant said: I have nothing but positive experiences with them
Bill said: Has been dead all weekend, Did the company go under?
Digital says: I just filed a complaint with the BBB

Uptime for Bluehost

Bluehost load time

This is another major problem for me and it should be for you. Their slow 1,688ms load times are 37% slower than the industry average. In January through April 2017, there average load time was 1,359ms, well below the average.  

You have to commit for at least a year when you sign up to Bluehost. They will give you a deal on the price, but that ties you to them for that amount of time. Basic plan 1 year is $59.40, 2 years $94.80 and 3 years of basic is $125.64.

Designed for: Newbie’s to experienced

Support: No phone support and reports of long waits for response from online

Conclusion: Everyone has their pluses and minuses of website host’s, but this one I would avoid. They used to have a good reputation, but it has lost it now.

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