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Keywords are used in every part of any online business. They are Crucial for the SEO’s (search engine optimization) as they scour through your website daily. If you pick the right keywords to target, you could “run the table” with the SEO’s.

Keywords (and phrases) are used in your website name,
Page titles and the content on those pages

The most important part of searching for keywords is choosing the right keyword search platform. Too many of them that are free do some guestimate in some of their figures, or what I call fluff.

Your spending a lot of time to build your website, and to get some keywords that are not backed by real time data, would be wasting your time.

Not to mention that if you choose the wrong keywords or ones that have no real data supporting them, it will not help your site get captured by the SEO’s.

My number 1 pick is 

Jaaxy is just not just another keyword search platform,
it has so many other functions

Some of them are:

  • Keyword search
  • Alphabet soup
  • Brainstorming-finding niche’s
  • Google rankings
  • Search affiliate programs
  • Analyze your competition
  • Domain name search   (and more)

A keyword search of “what is a niche”

In the above example you can see the partial results of “what is a niche”. In this search alone I see 2 great “keyword phrases” and 3 great “low hanging fruit”. (more on that in a minute)

“What is a niche market” is a great keyword phrase, excellent choice for a page title about niches, and to plug into your keyword section of your site. The second is “what is a niche site”. Again, also good for a page title and your keyword section of your site.

Explanation of the numbers

  • AVG: is the number of searches that word or phrase gets per month
  • Traffic: Is the number of click thru’s (people that visit the site with that word/phrase)
  • QSR: Competition (number of sites with that word/phrase)
  • KQI: Rating of the word/phrase based on AVG/Traffic/QSR
  • SEO: Rating based on search engines for that word/phrase (0-100)

When you consider that in any search result in google/Bing you get about 8-10 listings on each page, you want the least amount of competition for that word/phrase.

I didn’t choose the phrase “what is a niche” because it would take some time and some excellent content to get my page listed on the first page of the results. With 215 competing sites, I could be on the 20th page, who would ever see it?

When you do any search in google/Bing, the results you see are page titles, not website names. Look at the screen shot below, the blue headers are Page Titles, the website name is below in green.

That is why on my page about page titles, I stress how important they are and why you need to search them in a keyword search platform before you label your pages. You want to get the “most bang for your buck” as they say.

You want the best keyword/phrase (highest number of searches) with the lowest number of competitors possible.

Low hanging fruit

Low hanging fruit are keywords or phrases that have under 100 searches per month, and have very little competition. In the above example those are:

  • What is a niche target market – 32 searches/mo and 2 competing sites
  • What is a niche target – 48 searches/mo and 1 competing site
  • What is a niche in seo – 88 searches/mo and 4 competing sites

On each one of these keyword phrases you would be on the first page of any google/Bing search. Do you see the importance of using this “low hanging fruit”? I would rather be on the first page 88 times a month than be somewhere in the 215 pages of “what is a niche” search 45,000 times a month.

Free Keyword Search Tool

Jaaxy has 3 memberships:

Starter program = free
Jaaxy pro = $19.00/mo, $199.00/yr
Jaaxy enterprise = $49.00/mo, $499.00/yr

When I am searching keywords, there are 4 bits of information called Metrics that are very important to me and my business.

  • The amount of searches for a particular word or phrase
  • How much traffic does the word or phrase get
  • What are the competition numbers
  • Is the phrase or word grammatically correct

The last one is not a metric number, is just common sense. I once found a keyword phrase while looking for a page title that was not grammatically correct, but it had a lot of searches and only 8 competing sites.

I got a lot of negative comments on that page even though it was getting visitors. But they weren’t staying on the page and it was giving my site a bad rep. So you have to be cautious about being grammatically correct.

Search carefully because your site and in some cases your livelihood is going to depend on getting the right words from the right place. That’s why Jaaxy is my number 1 choice. I want all my sites to be successful so I invest in them with the right tools.

Side note: has an affiliate program as well that you can sign up to and have this free keyword tool on your site.

I hope you found this information useful, all my best to your success

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  1. Rob S.

    When I am building my website I always do my keyword search first. It’s just that important.
    I agree about low hanging fruit and being on the first page of Google for a keyword.
    Jaaxy is without a doubt the ultimate keyword tool. It always everything out for you to choose your keywords.
    Keyword tools years ago never offered anything close to what Jaaxy offers.
    This is a must for building a successful website.

    1. Douglas Schmitz (Post author)

      Thanks for your comment Rob, and I couldn’t agree more. What a great tool especially since the last update with all the extras.

      I spend a lot of time building my sites and its why my choice is Jaaxy. I know I am getting real time good data which saves me a lot of time. Don’t want all my hard work being done for nothing which is what you get from some other keyword tools. 

      Thanks again for the comment and all my best to your success,   Doug

  2. Cathy

    Hi there Doug, this Jaaxy tool has some pretty impressive features, but I came to this article searching for a free keyword tool. So I am surprised to see that it’s actually a paid tool.

    What can the free starter program offers? Or rather, what’s the difference between the free and paid version. Appreciate if you can explain a little more. Thank you.

    1. Douglas Schmitz (Post author)


      The free keyword tool by Jaaxy is 30 free searches with the free sign up. Every site that has a keyword tool will offer the same. After that you need to sign up for the paid version.

      There are a few free keyword tools out there like google keyword search, the problem with them is some of their data is what you would call guesstimates.

      When you spending time and a lot of it to build a good income producing site, You want to have good up to the minute data or else your wasting your time. So in my opinion its well worth the money.

      If you have not already bought your domain name and hosting, I would recommend wealthy affiliate. Once there you get a free keyword tool included which will save you 19.00 a month alone. Also, wealthy affiliate owns Jaaxy so the keyword tool they have on their site is as up to date as Jaaxy.

      Thanks for your comment, and all my best to your success,   Doug

  3. Ralph

    I tried jaaxy for about a month and I really liked it. It had a lot of features that I found helpful for my online business. Unfortunately I had to cancel since I had just started my business and wanted to make some money first. But I will definitely get back to it when that happens.

    1. Douglas Schmitz (Post author)


      Jaaxy is one amazing keyword search platform. It has so many other features like the brainstorming for finding a niche and check your google rankings.

      They have just released a notice that some other major upgrades are ready for release. I’m not sure how they can make it better since its so far above the rest already, but I’m looking forward to it.

      A good keyword search platform is so important to your sites success, so hope you can get back to it soon since it can only help your site.

      All my best to your success,


  4. Cathy

    When I first started blogging, I know nothing about keywords. Even while I was using Jaaxy, it took me a while to understand the entire concept, but by then, I had written more than 50 posts that aren’t targeting the right keyphrase for my niche.

    They were more ‘information’ based which indirectly reflects my green experience with online marketing. I later found out that I should be targeting words that are on the ‘purchasing stage’ of a buyers mind. Getting a keyword to convert that way is much easier than just a general article.

    1. Douglas Schmitz (Post author)


      Just what I am trying to inform people of, keywords are so important to your site and its performance. They are used in every aspect of your site and if your getting the wrong information from their keyword search platform, it can be a total waste of time.

      Jaaxy is the one platform that provides you with good data on the words or phrases that your going to use. When you want to get your site ranked and have it be captured by the search engines, you have to be using words that are based on good, up to the minute data.

      Thanks for your comment and for visiting my site,


  5. Rob S.

    Keywords are the bridge to success in online marketing. If you can rank for your keywords one page one of Google, you have a pretty good chance of being successful with your website and online business.
    Jaaxy supplies everything you need to get the best keyword ranking available today. Keywords can make you or break you. Jaaxy gives you the number of searches, traffic, competition, and SO ratings.
    There are other keyword tools but nothing is as good as Jaaxy is. For me, it’s the best!

    1. Douglas Schmitz (Post author)

      Hello Rob, I can see that you believe as I do. Keywords are key to online success and Jaaxy by far is the best keyword platform out there today.

      I like all the new features they added with the brainstorming, checking competition and checking your google rankings.

      Glad you found this information helpful and all my best to your online success,


  6. Neil

    With so many different keyword tools available, it’s hard to choose one. Especially since I’ve found that most keyword tools are overpriced, display complicated metrics and need downloading on to my computer.

    But after reading through your article on keywords and visiting the Jaaxy website through your link, Jaaxy is absolutely amazing!

    I really like the fact that you get 30 free searches, the metrics are so simple to comprehend, it’s web-based, and awesome value for money when it comes to both Pro and Enterprise membership options.

    I can see why Jaaxy is THE best keyword tool on the market for bloggers to get their content ranked high in Google. 🙂


    1. Douglas Schmitz (Post author)


      That’s why Jaaxy is my number one pick. I am amazed at all that you can do with Jaxxy. I was a member of them for a long time, and now that they updated and added so many features, its my only keyword search platform. 

      I’m glad you found my site and its information useful and you took advantage of looking at Jaaxy for yourself. There is everything you need related to keyword search there. 

      All my best to your success, 



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