AWeber review – Pro’s and con’s

Started: 1998
CEO: Tom Kulkzer
Starter program: $19.00/mo 30 days free

It used to be you had to get an email capture page set up from one company, and have your email marketing sent from a second company. Not any longer. AWeber has them both, a list of templets for your sign-up form and hundreds of templets for your email campaign. In this AWeber review we will talk about why its important to have an email campaign set up. 

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There are multiple ways to have a sign-up form
on your site for an email marketing campaign. They can be placed anyplace on your pages and posts as a drop-in, slide-in’s, side widget. They have different template’s to use which you can change size, color, add text to and more. 

When your first starting out with your online business, you want to keep things simple. You have a lot of work to do on your site. You have content to write which is always being up-dated, comments to answer, new research to do on your niche, and more. So when your setting up an email campaign, you want to keep it simple but you want a program that is extreamly effective. 

AWeber offers it all

Above is the dashboard you work with after you sign-up. This is where you manage your lists, campaigns, messages, get all your reports, send out a broadcast and more. 

Before I signed up to AWeber, I had gone to 2 other companies to get a sign-up form to place on my site. I already knew that AWeber was going to be my site for an email campaign, But was told by others I needed to sign up with “Thrive leads” or similar site that offers sign-up boxes for my site. Then tie that into my AWeber site to start my campaign.

I did try, I bought the “Thrive leads” program, but I wasted a day trying to get the download into my site. Could not get an answer from support, so I wrote to the owner and told him to cancel and give me a refund.

I went to AWeber and chatted with someone live and they told me they had the whole program with the sign-up forms. So its all done at the same site. It was new for me to take a site I had to the next level. I wasn’t sure what to expect and if it was going to be difficult or time consuming. So far it has been great.

What do you get with AWeber?

Try AWeber free for 30 days! – AWeber Communications

AWeber has excellent auto responder capabilities that provide on time, personalized messages for anyone that signs up on your site. Once you set them up with a welcome email, and then a set of timely emails to follow on your choice of days, your all set. With the email series, you have access to over 150 email templets to use so you can design your emails quickly.

You can also integrate your email marketing with other business functions. You can easily add your sign-up form onto your Facebook page and other social media sites so your visitors there can sign up as well.

It was so simple to get it all set up. I watched the quick start video and built my first list and 4 messages(emails) for that list in an hour and a half.

AWeber runs regular live webinars with real time instructions from an AWeber expert. They also have step by step training video’s that take you from the sign up to creating your first campaign. I received training emails and tips on how to effectively get more sign-ups.  

After I had my emails done, I created a sign-up form which they make very easy with templets, changed some colors and added some text, copied the link and put it in a widget in my side bar that you see. Now that sign-up box is linked directly to my AWeber email campaign, Done.

These are the “Basic” forms but there are different templets you can use. Above is a sample of their email templets, but there are hundreds to choose from. You can create different sign-up forms and attach them to different pages. Or put on in the page or post and one in a side widget, see which one works best.

AWeber has a frequently asked questions section which is the most complete that I have seen on any site I visit. I usually have some odd but relevant questions when I am working with a new program. Every question I had, there was an answer for, that’s a new one for me.

They have a list of reports that they provide. Not just on how many customers signed up, but how your sign-ups are interacting with your emails. You can see who opened the emails and if they clicked on any links you may have provided in that email. 

There is no limit to the amount of campaigns that you can run from one account. You can create a campaign for each site you have, or insert a different sign-up form to each page of your site, etc. 

Try AWeber free for 30 days! – AWeber Communications

Amy said it all in that video, it is the best email marketing platform out there. I am using it and I would recommend it to anyone that wants to start an email campaign.

When you consider the fact that when you post to social media, your add might stay visible to others for a few seconds to a few minutes. Other people posting that tag you, will replace your post at the top of your social page. Unless someone scrolls down your page, they will not see what you posted.

You can create and schedule broadcast emails. Keep your subscribers engaged by regularly sending them emails. Broadcasts include weekly newsletters, event announcements, or updates about new promotions.

An email capture form and your email campaign tied to that sign-up form is essential for your business to grow and be successful. You’ll be sending emails to people who asked to receive them.

Designed for: Newbie’s to professionals, has all the training you need and great Q&A area

Support: 24/7 online, has been great for me with 3 issues I have had

Overview: I belong to Aweber and GetResponse and have had no issue with either

I hope this information was helpful for you and that you see the
importance of having an email campaign.

All my best to your success,

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