About me

Hello all, My name is Doug and this is my story.


 “I was tired of making other people money”

I have worked hard all my life. I started young (15 yrs old) working with my dads construction company. After college, I was a sales representative for a paint sundries company, then for a major hardware company, then a general manager for a growing chain of hardware stores. They all made money but not me.

When the internet started, (it seems so long ago) I keep searching for opportunities online to make some extra money. For some reason I have financially struggled most of my life. I was starting to think that the road I was going down was a dead end.  I searched the internet day in and day out for almost 25 years.


“Crazy to think of all the money I spent”

I spent so much time and money along the way. I wish I could have all of it back. Nothing worse then failing over and over and wasting endless hours putting a plan together and saying, “maybe if I just invest a little more it will happen”.  I had store’s, I sold books, sporting goods, cloths, my daughter and I even sold a cook book we created, or should I say we tried to sell it. I tried just about everything but still failed. The problem was I was doing it all myself and I was doing it all wrong. There was very little guidance, training or live help for me to tap into. But then something happened that put me on the “road to my dreams”.


“I found the right road”

I finally found a place that would help me step by step. I realized that all along I was doing things wrong. I found a community of like minded people, friends I now call them, that were not only willing to answer questions but eager to help. Educational video’s that walk you through step by step, every detail to not only succeed, but prosper like I never thought would be possible. Best of all, it was FREE. Yeah I know, I’ve heard that before to many times in my 30 years of searching, but it truly was. The community I am telling you about is called Wealthy Affiliate.


“Now my days are MINE”

Now, I think you could say I’m retired. I get up, grab myself a coffee (decaf) spend a little time on my online business, and head on down to the golf course. I take a road trip now and then to explore some of the wonders of our beautiful country (which I love to do). I go hiking in the great Colorado Rockies and am now planning to buy myself an RV and travel some more.

Because of the time I had and the money I was making, I was able to fulfill a dream I had and caddy for my favorite Professional Golfer, Jordan Spieth during a pro-am tournament in 2014. That is me standing behind Jordan.

None of which would have been possible without having an online business. I truly hope I can help you reach out and grab your dreams.

Feel free to leave a comment, I hope that I can help you obtain your goals and dreams.


“New Adventure”

I just recently returned from a trip to Gilbert Arizona. I was visiting a long lost friend from back in high school days. His son and me went on a gold prospecting trip to the Superstition Mountain. We had several metal detectors and other tools, and searched along a water run off as we walked up to the base of the mountain. Part of the expedition was looking for the “Lost Dutchman’s Mine”. We spent 2 days looking, and found nothing but old riffle shells, a motorcycle frame buried 18″ under ground and a few coins, (recent). We did however come to the conclusion that the mine (if real), was buried under all the falling rock from the mountain. But it was an interesting journey and has now peaked my interest in doing some gold panning here in Colorado where I live.