Building An Online Business

Building an online business

Lets be Honest about starting an online business. It is NOT going to be easy, it will NOT happen overnight and it will NOT be free. Its going to take time, patience and determination. Do not believe anyone that tells you it can be done in 30 minutes, a day or even a week. 

You can find sites offering a FREE sign-up, (Trial), its a great way to see what they offer before you even buy a domain name. But take advantage and ask other members of the site what they think and if the site offers everything you’ll need. 

You can find .99 cent domain names, but those sites usually don’t have everything you need or are not user friendly. Some don’t even have WordPress, the easiest and most popular site builder.

It will take you about 3 – 4 months when building an online business, to get the main part of your site done and start to see some activity. Some sites can take up to 6 – 9 months for some activity to show up. It all depends on the time you put into it, your knowledge of building websites, etc.

Warning: You need to have TIME, PATIENCE and DETERMINATION, if you don’t have an understanding of that, do not start or you’ll be joining the 90% of start-ups that fail. [Read More]

You may be asking why am I asking this. Because you need to have a strong “WHY are you wanting to start an online business?”

We all have our reasons, a new car, better longer vacations, wanting to get out of the rat race, money for the kids college, a better life, etc. It has to be a strong why because your going to have times when things don’t look good.

Working on your site for 3 or more months and seeing nothing for it can really get someone down. That is the critical time when you have to keep moving on knowing that success will come to those that soldier on.

Whatever you WHY is, write it down or find a picture and hang it by your work space. When things are getting you down, look at your why and get back to work.

The first thing you have to have is a business plan. If this is your first venture to an online business or if you have a business online that’s not doing very well, my first question would be, “Do/did you have a business plan?”

A business plan has several steps. A description of the business and what it will offer. How you plan on marketing it? The funds available. Identifying your potential customer. There is an old saying in business, “Find A Need And Fill IT”. This is still a good starting point.

There is a lot of competition in the Online Business world. What will make your Website different? What will you be offering or selling? Research your competition. You have to know where you want to go. What you want to accomplish. How you will get there?  [ read more ]

Online Business Opportunities

There are about 24 million online businesses, but of them there are only about 10% of them that generate over $1,000. in sales. Why you might ask?

Some of the reasons are, people don’t really understand how to go about it. They’re not focusing on a specific niche. They’re trying to solve and unimportant problem. They choose a topic or idea there not passionate about.

They buy a domain name, host it, build a few pages without guidance, throw a few keywords on the site, and put it on the web. They’re all basic steps, but they are so much more involved. As you go through my pages, I will explain in some detail each step you take and how to go about it.

I will tell you that the most popular website online today, are affiliate sites. As time has passed, I have updated some details and added others. If your not sure what kind of business you want online you can find that information here. [ read more ]

Finding your Niche

Finding your niche is easy. What is it you love? What do you know a lot about? Let’s say, just as an example, your a bird lover and want to sell birdhouses that you build.  What kind of bird houses? Are they wooden? Plastic? Metal? What size are they? What kind of birds do they attract? Are they build it yourself kits?

You could probably have a list of say 15-20 questions here. Building an online business takes time. As mentioned before, it has be something your passionate about. Your going to be writing a lot of content, (filling up the pages of your site) if you don’t love what your doing, it will show.

If you were looking for a “get rich quick” idea, and thought building an online business is the way, your mistaken. There is no such thing as a get rich quick business. They only ones making money with them is the person selling you on that idea. 

You can’t have to broad of a niche, it has to be a focused niche. As an example, say your a dog lover and want to build a website for dog products. Just think of all the dog toys, treats, food, collars, leashes, beds, etc. Thousands of products. Even just toys, there are toys for aggressive dogs, small dogs, large dogs, athletic toys, etc. Get my point?  

So in order to narrow down your Niche, lets get more into the details of choosing a Niche. [Read More]

Creating your Domain Name

Your Domain name should reflect what your Niche is. Your domain name has a Hugh impact on the web in terms of the “click thru rate”, google searches, social media results, etc. Your domain name is your identity on the web.

You want to make sure that you choose a domain name, that not only fits your business, but is also easy to find and promote. It should relate to what your selling. Your name should be researched with a keyword search platform.  

Most places that you buy a domain from will offer hosting, but be aware of the cheep domain cost, but high hosting fees. I hope you read the “Avoiding Scams” page so you don’t get hooked into a hosting site that will nickel and dime you to death. Take a look at the right way to go about choosing a Domain Name. [ read more ]

Website hosting reviews

[ HostGator ]  [ Wealthy Affiliate ]  [GoDaddy ]  [ 1and1 ]  [ namecheep ]
[]  [Website builder]  [BlueHost]  [FatCow] [iPage] [JustHost] [SiteBuilder]
Pages and their Titles

Before you just create your pages and titles know this, When someone does a google (or other search engine) search, the results you see are page titles, Not the website name.

Please, Please, Please understand this. Your page titles are more important than your website name. It is what the search engines scour through when someone does a search. Each page of your site has to be researched so you create the right title.

If you have a good focused niche that your passionate about, create your pages titles right and can add some informative content, your site may end up being 25-50-100+ pages. Each one of those pages, if done with the right keywords, can run the table, so to say. [Read More]

Writing your Content

Content is King when it comes to getting rated for an online business. SEO’s scour your pages and Content, which leads to higher ratings within the SEO’s (search engine Optimization) The higher your ratings are, the more visitors. More visitors will equal more sales.

I cannot stress enough, just how important your page titles and the content you add to them, is to your success when building an online business. Writing reviews are a big part of most online business.

People are hungry for information, they research almost everything they have an interest in or are looking to purchase. Doing good informative reviews will greatly increase your website rankings.  [Read More]

Your Keywords & Phrases

Keywords are a part of your website name, page titles and inserted into your content. As mentioned above, using the right keywords will get you higher rankings in the SEO’s, (search engine optimization). Its how you site is found.

Think of it this way, what did you type into your browser to find my site? Was it Building an online business? How to start an online business? Online businesses? All Keywords and Key phrases.

I have listed on my keyword page a few places to search for keywords as well as giving you other information on how to choose the right ones.

You can’t over search all the possible keywords that could be used with your business idea. Myself, I can do 15-20 searches for each page title alone, and many more to insert into the content on each page. [Read More]

Links are a very important part of any Website’s success or failure. There are 3 links that will be used often on your site and placement and the amount of them are crucial for your new site.

Internal Links, External Links and Anchor Links are the most used and most important. Internal and Anchor links are used to tie your Website together. External links (affiliate links), are the links that take a visitor off your site and used to earn you commissions. [ Read More ]

Almost at the finish line

Whether your selling products on your website or your building an affiliate Online Business, your going to need a link on your site to a payment collection company.

If your selling products, you need a way for people to pay you, if your an affiliate site, your advertisers will need a way to send you your commissions.

PayPal is probably the most secure and widely used on the web. There are others on the web, but stick with something people feel secure about.

If your selling your own (built at home) products, you will need a shipper, shipping materials like boxes, tape, etc. You’ll want to have a shopping cart for your customers. [Read More

You’ll have to start getting your email campaign set up. As soon as you start to see some activity you’ll want to have it ready to install on your site.

Email capture and an auto-responder email campaign have become a necessity for any online business. [Read More]  

Social media is a big part of online business since it gets you some exposure. You will need to have accounts set up at a few of the top sites. All free to join. [Read More

In most if not all website hosting platforms, you can view your site. Make sure your landing on your home page. Check all the other pages. How does it feel when you go on your site? Is it inviting? Easy to navigate? All photos and visuals in the right place? Go through your check list that I provide. [ read more

Just as a reminder, make sure you go through all the pages I have on every step of the way. Also, I have a list of the top 10 reasons people fail with an Online Business. You can find that Here.

And now, as I promised above, I told you that I would let you know where the best site is to accomplish all of this with a cost of $0. That’s right I said FREE, not a penny. You get all the training you need and more, both in written form and in video training. 2 FREE websites, hosting, and a community of 10,000+ members that are not only willing to help you along the way but are eager to help.

Website hosting platform reviews

[ Wealthy Affiliate ] [ GoDaddy ] [ namecheep ] [1and1] [ HostGator ]
[]  [Website builder]  [BlueHost] [FatCow] [JustHost] [iPage] [sitebuilder]

Free websites (2) and free hosting offer below

 I hope you found this informative
All my best to your success


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  1. Rob S.

    This is the most amazing thing I have ever found in looking for an online business in all the years I’ve been searching.
    Most people try and go online selling and that’s just not what Wealthy Affiliate is about.
    It is about helping people and that’s what you’re taught in building your website.
    Follow the advice here because it works. Just follow the training and do the work!

    1. Douglas Schmitz (Post author)


      I thank you for your comment. Its a hard point to get across to most people and with all the work I have put in to try to get people to understand, its nice to know its appreciated.

      All my best to your success,  Doug

  2. Angel Saren

    I am Angel Saren from Bangladesh.I am very interested to learn online business. But I have no any idea about this types of business.. so what I will do to run this online business…

    1. Douglas Schmitz (Post author)

      Hey Angel, Well first off I want you to understand it takes time and patience. You also sound like you will need some training so I would suggest that you take the free offer at wealthy affiliate and get yourself a website. You can sign up free, get up to 2 websites and most importantly for you is a lot of training both on video and written.
      I would suggest that you don’t sign up till you know you’ll have some time to watch the training videos and work on your site.
      There is also the live chat that you will have access to for 7 days so ask all the questions you have too. There is a lot of people there that have are very successful and are always willing to help.
      I’m also there so when I am online there, I can help you along also.
      Let me know if you have any more questions, All my best Doug

  3. lamin

    I am lamin fatty from the gambia west africa living in congo brazzarville i want to study online business

    1. Douglas Schmitz (Post author)

      There’s no better place to learn all about online businesses then at Wealthy affiliate. The training available is like no other place. Its actually called Wealthy Affiliate university.
      Whatever you need to learn about online marketing is there. Also, my big plus for this site is the community. There are always hundreds or thousands of people on this site any time of the day and they are all willing to help.
      They have a free sign up so I would do that, look around the site, talk to some of the members in the live chat and see what you think.
      Hope to see you there, Doug

  4. Stephen

    Hey friend,

    Thanks a lot for sharing with me this good information on how to Build my online Business. I like how well you have explain just how I can go about starting this.

    I now know that before starting, I need to first sit down and plan and as you said this will help me find what people are in need of.

    Also I like the idea of finding a niche that is of interest to me. Whether it about, selling a product or building an affiliate website.

    I also really like your idea on how to choose a keyword that will bring more traffic, at the same time with more competition.

    1. Doug

      Hello Steven,

      Thank you for taking the time to comment on my page. I try to provide as much information as I can. I am adding to the site daily with 4 review pages now. Glad it was informative for you and if there is anything else you need to know, just email me or leave me a comment. I will get back right away.

      Thanks again,  Doug


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